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The child pulled a night belly, the doctor explained is the mother was too angry by the Sohu | Wen Jun Zhang maternal cheats recently gave birth to a daughter, because the husband usually go to work, so two people to discuss her mother from home to take care of Ms. zhang. But the phone several times, each time her mother did not want to refuse. Although know the mother-in-law has been the patriarchal concept, but it is also a pro granddaughter. Seeing the husband has to leave, there is no way, Ms. Zhang’s husband had to drive back to pick up. But this does not like a person can not hide, every time I see her mother face expressionless, pulling a long face, Ms. Zhang was too angry to do. Not long, mother not to return home, Ms. Zhang with eyes indicate husband quickly persuade, but the mother-in-law is determined to go, urinate, Ms. Zhang depressed to say: "Mom, you’ll stay for a few days. Here is the home to be much more convenient, but also can go to downstairs and the old ladies dancing together." Her mother-in-law said impatiently: "I do not go to dance, you are too selfish, and I have to give you a week to see the children, the total let me go back to your brother to see the children. You don’t know that your brother is having a hard time." When you go to bed at night, the couple also because her mother-in-law things quarrel, that evening, Ms. Zhang gave daughter fed two or three nights of milk. Who knows the second day on weekdays, always quiet sleep lady unexpectedly came alive, more frightening is the face of a Bu, day 5, 6 times in the stomach pull. When going to the hospital, the doctor said, "when you get angry, your milk is bad for your baby." Ms. Zhang is regret and distressed. Must have a lot of mothers know that lactation is not good for the baby, then lactation can be fed? In the end what will be the impact on the baby? An angry. Not immediately after feeding physiologists found that anger occurs when the body physiological responses to severe, endocrine dysfunction, secrete large amounts of harmful substances. So if you often get angry during lactation, the harmful substances in the body will not only affect the health of the mother, but also harm to children through milk. Not to be angry when the child feeding, such as emotional stability and then continue breast-feeding. It should be noted that it is better to clean the nipple than before. Two. Return to the milk lactation if often angry, can cause liver meridian stagnation, the decreased milk secretion. Lactation must pay attention to control their emotions, adjust their mood, maintain a good state of mind. Three. Easy to cause the child to get angry, the secretion of milk will not only reduce, but also the composition and color will change from the original beige gray. Baby to drink this milk will not only lead to digestive disorders, diarrhea, but also affect the mood, irritability, prone to crying more than night sleep is not stable. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call!相关的主题文章: