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China items encoding center and the Alibaba started signing commodity source data (Photos) – financial Sohu in new network on 25 August,   recently, at the second session of the global Internet economy conference and the seventh China e-commerce Expo, China’s specialized agencies responsible for the goods, commodity bar code encoding Chinese items (GS1 China) encoding center joint business the platform of enterprise the world’s largest Alibaba (Alibaba Group), successfully held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony, and officially launched the commercial source data (Trusted Source of Data GS1), and jointly promote the globalization of standards, promote our country electronic commerce, commodity circulation information standardization and internationalization. According to the consensus reached between the two sides, Chinese goods encoding center and Alibaba will be in electronic commerce, mobile terminal applications, give full play to their respective advantages, and actively expand the market cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the standardized use of bar code, and the basic attributes of commodity standard, promoting commodity "data source" logo application, enhance product safety back and actively carry out in-depth cooperation. Article Chinese encoding center chief engineer Ms. Li Jianhui said at the signing ceremony speech, as of now, Chinese goods Center for total more than and 50 Chinese encoding enterprises, about 80000000 kinds of products to the world’s only "identity card", in promoting the development of China’s commercial modernization, modern logistics and foreign trade have made great contributions. Based on GS1 global standards, Chinese items encoding center will achieve through the e-commerce platform with the world’s largest Alibaba to enhance global barcode business services, Tmall in the future international sales of the product will gradually with the GS1 global data pool docking, further the good "source", improve product quality, reduce the threshold of the operation; at the same time. Through cooperation with Taobao mobile phone operations team, "sweep the barcode? Assured purchase project, directly through the production and terminal sales, through" barcode scanning "convenient, fast and secure shopping, enhance the consumer online shopping experience, especially in the rural areas of Taobao shopping experience will be greatly enhanced by the source data; commercial application to help China’s small and medium micro manufacturers optimize product data management, quickly enhance the brand influence, expanding the domestic country International market. Alibaba researcher, business platform division chief of wall Fai said in his speech, the Alibaba in 2015 formally proposed the "internationalization" strategy, and gradually build a complete international business system, including ICBU, Tmall international, aliexpress, global purchasing platform, and the successful acquisition of Southeast Asia business platform LAZADA. In this strategic context, Alibaba is also actively building a global commodity data system to achieve interoperability of multi market information, business integration, so that business without borders. By docking the international bar code and commodity information data, consumers can scan the bar code in the mobile phone Taobao to get the information of goods, and a single shopping. If you are shopping abroad, do not understand the foreign language, can also be obtained through the scan code to translate the Chinese commodity information. So that consumers can buy goods anywhere in the world.相关的主题文章: