China national electric power company won the Congo (DRC) power generation franchise – energy – Peop 月丘うさぎ

In the first hydropower company in Congo (gold) power franchise — energy — newspaper Johannesburg on 24 August,     (reporter Li Zhiwei) Kinshasa news: Congo (DRC) Energy Ministry of water resources 23, Busuanga hydropower station project franchise just busanga hydropower Limited by Share Ltd, the two sides signed the day the contract, which marks the new stage of the project construction implementation. Boussens water power station is located in the Congo (DRC) south central regional power load Katanga mining development area, from the country’s second largest city of Lubumbashi about 400 kilometers. Total installed capacity of 240 MW, the construction period is expected to be 4 years. The hydropower station will solve the steady demand for electricity production in China’s mining industry, but also conducive to ease tensions in Congo (DRC) electricity. Congo (DRC) government awarded just exclusive franchise in hydropower company busanga hydropower station project, including the right design, financing, purchasing, equipment and materials for construction, operation and maintenance management, etc.. Just by the Chinese hydropower company shareholders 75%, just 25% shareholding, investors were China iron and Chinese power construction joint holding China just mining Limited by Share Ltd, and the Congo (DRC) Mining Corporation and the national electricity company. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: