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China "long five" rocket first flight countdown to the original title: Chinese "long five" rocket "flying" countdown in new Beijing on 18 February, (reporter Zhang Su) 18 reporters from Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group was informed that the "long five" rocket launch test team has completed the occasion for 130 of Yu Tian’s practice, the overall technical state finalized, "first flight" officially entered the countdown". According to the disclosure practice report, the long March-5 training objective is a comprehensive assessment system of Hainanese new launch site, the new rocket, the new payload project between the interface matching and rocket design, launch process and verify the correctness and reliability of work in transportation, hoisting, rocket test in the process of assembly, etc.. "This is a new product, new process, new personnel of a big exercise, through the long march five launch launch practice, to achieve the" training products, training process, training team "purposes." Li Dong, chief designer of Long March five rocket, said. Lian Lian began in September 20, 2015, and the training products set sail from Tianjin port by special transport ship. Prior to this, "Long March five" has completed the rocket core, core and two stage power system test, 5 meter diameter tank static test at low temperature. The launching ceremony is called "the first big battle before flying"". Li Dong introduced, this is the most complex process in the history of China’s aerospace, the most difficult organization, the highest risk of security, the longest duration, the closest combination of actual combat rocket training. The interface between the new rocket, the new launch site and the new ground launch support system has been preliminarily verified, and the process of lifting, erecting, testing and transferring has been verified. The launching of the leading arrow has laid a solid technical foundation. "Long March five" is one of the largest launch vehicles of China’s new generation launch vehicle. The rocket is scheduled for the first flight in 2016, which will increase the capacity of China’s entry into space by 2.5 times. (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

中国“长征五号”火箭首飞进入倒计时   原标题:中国“长征五号”火箭“首飞”进入倒计时   中新社北京2月18日电 (记者 张素)记者18日从中国航天科技集团获悉,“长征五号”运载火箭试验队已完成长达130余天的发射场合练,其整体技术状态得到最终确定,“首飞”正式进入“倒计时”。   根据已披露的合练报告书,“长征五号”运载火箭合练目的是全面考核海南文昌新发射场、新火箭、新有效载荷等工程大系统间的接口匹配性以及火箭设计、发射流程等正确性,并验证在火箭运输、吊装、测试、总装等过程中工作的可靠性。   “这是新产品、新流程、新人员的一次大演习,通过此次长征五号运载发射场合练,达到了‘练产品、练流程、练队伍’的目的。”长征五号火箭总设计师李东说。   合练始于2015年9月20日,合练产品乘专用运输船从天津港启航。在此之前,“长征五号”先后完成火箭芯一级、芯二级动力系统试车,5米直径贮箱低温静力试验。发射场合练被称为首飞前的“最后一次大型战役”。   李东介绍,这是中国航天史上流程最复杂、组织难度最大、安全风险最高、持续时间最长、实战结合最紧密的火箭合练。既初步验证了全新火箭、全新发射场、全新地面发射支持系统的接口协调,也验证了吊装起竖、测试、转运等流程,为首飞箭的发射奠定了扎实的技术基础。   “长征五号”是中国新一代运载火箭中运载能力最大的一型火箭。该火箭计划在2016年内“首飞”,发射成功后,将使中国进入空间的能力提升2.5倍。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: