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It will collect cigar cigars – Profile: Sohu of cigar once smoked cigars, cigar humidor in always more and more, more and more expect to save your cigar collection changes, thus began. As long as you like cigars, almost without exception, will join the cigar collection team. Because of the strong bodied, dry your cigar and complex production and maintenance process, also determines the cigar must be loved and know how to enjoy life at the beginning of class, although it was also can be enjoyed by ordinary Indians, but today, please cigar has specific utility. Endowed with culture. If there is a thing of culture, it must mean that you can study, collection, discussion, there will be a story. No matter how general cigar brand, must have their own story behind, so each brand of cigars are different. Plus the cigar is a living, growing in the aging process, each cigar each brand will become different. These characteristics determine the cigar collection value. Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are no exactly the same cigars in the world in two. Cigar as wine, proper maintenance and waiting will make a cigar more hidden more alcohol. To be able to collect things also means to be able to increase the value of those good classic brand prices over time in the rising. The auction price of six digit cigar emerge in an endless stream, the number of years is getting shorter and shorter. Cigars and can also be collection of antiques, cigars are consumables, old cigars are constantly consumed, old cigars will become increasingly scarce. There are still a number of cigar makers who are looking for cigars that are based on Castro’s regime, and think they still have a good taste and taste. Most of the cigars can’t be experienced. But once began to smoke cigars, the moisture inside the cigar box will be more and more, more and more expect to save their own cigar change, the collection also began.相关的主题文章: