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Circular of Taiwan: from Taipei, from Taipei to Taiwan: Tourism Ring – Sohu removed from Taipei, from Taipei to TIM life traveler photo: every time I go to Taiwan, Taipei is the first knocking on the door. Behind the door, the motorcycle is heavy traffic flow, is a bustling and old Wikipedia is shinguang, Bai Xianyong’s "Taipei", is the first of "time" in the outer rail is ximending, Penny Tai in the "fresh water river": freshwater river uneaten meals lively fireworks have staged drift how many times from the ship in the memories of the sail was stopped at that year…… Remove remove remove [moungar], the disappearance of the homeland moungar, is actually the aboriginal language in dinghy. 293 years ago, from the Quanzhou area of immigrants reclamation and hunting, thriving, flourishing, became the birthplace of the city of Taipei today. We went into a space is solidified, the street name "Pi Liao due", Chinese fir bark stripped, but left a profound impression on hearing. The old empty house, red brick, the Qing Dynasty Nanyang arcade, Japanese style building, the old tea table, the old Aberdeen and innovative Mipu tea, pastry shop; on the moungar Ksitigarbha temple, the door is the marketplace people side of a narrow streams of people busily coming and going; grass chatan, master machine wring herbs juice, this lane. It is called Wan Hua Qing Cao xiang. Staggered earlier "a house two deer Sanmeng shoulder" mix into a nostalgic picture. Remove remove remove [the Longshan temple, Buddhist God dwelling in Longshan Temple], PI Liao far ahead, Qianlong built temples, Buddhist shrine coexistence, incense share, Avalokiteshvara, Matsu, dragon, Rohan, Chenghuang old… People entering the temple pray, each one takes what he needs. Think of a friend before Christianity, say they cannot enter into the temple, have a headache, chest tightness, met in Nan’ao religious grandpa Chen Miao, as well as grounded temple. Can not help but smile: God or gods of tolerance, harmony, no restrictions of any kind. Longshan temple, incense smoke, believers, holding three incense, worship together, plug in candles, turned out, seems to mind than when a lot of peace. Remove remove [gathering] trendsetter ximending, when Brigitte Lin was discovered in the place, here is Taipei ximending, trendsetter gathering place. Boys and girls, outlandish costume, silk night, Cosplayer was also used to attract guests merchants. Built in 1908 Simon red octagonal hall, now the art creative market; once the old theatre "E相关的主题文章: