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Home-and-Family If you have more picture than you can possibly frame, then you should consider using collage picture frames. Collage frames are one of the most economical frames available because they can display multiple photos all in one frame. Learn all about collage picture frames so you can decide which type of collage frame is best for you. There are basically two different types of collage frames: matted collage frames and standard collage frames. Both of these .e in many different sizes, colors and shapes so you’ll always find one you want. Before you start shopping for a photo collage frame, you should first know the difference between these two types of frames. Matted Collage Frames: Matted collage frames have a mat that can display multiple individual photos in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are popular because they are generally less expensive and are more versatile than their standard collage counterpart. Matted collage frames have a more casual look and provide you the opportunity to change your pictures over time with little effort. Mats also give you the flexibility to change entire photo layouts by switching out mats for a new configuration if you want a different .bination of photo shapes and sizes. Most of the time collage frames and mats are purchased as a set, but you also have the freedom to choose the right .bination you want. You do this by creating your own matted collage frame. Just select a frame you like and then choose a mat that will hold the various sizes and shapes of photos you want to display and put them together. One thing that is unique about some collage frames (like matted collage frames) is that you have to secure the pictures to the mat. You can secure the pictures using either tape or photo corners. For pictures that you don’t want damaged, use linen tape or photo corners to secure the pictures. If you can replace your pictures by merely printing out new ones, use a matte or transparent adhesive tape like 3M’s scotch tape. Standard Collage Frames: The second type of collage picture frame is the standard collage frame. These collage frames have framed openings for each picture giving it a more decorative look that’s great for homes or offices. You can find collage frames as a group of smaller frames stuck together or one large frame with multiple framed openings. With framed openings, you generally don’t have to worry about securing the pictures since they sit in a framed opening. These standard photo collage frames .e in a wide variety of sizes so unlike matted frames, you can easily find one of these to sit on a desk or nightstand. The only downside of these frames is that the photo openings are fixed so there is no flexibility to adjust the size or shape in the future. No matter what kind of collage frame you like, they are terrific frames to display a family event or vacation. Collage picture frames also make great gifts and are perfect for family portraits, baby pictures and candid photos with friends. So if you love taking pictures, you should really consider using collage frames as you’ll be able to display more pictures for less money and have your home decorated beautifully with memories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: