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Community owners said: Tombstone laying flower Shen people – the contractor has comprehensive identification of Beijing, Beijing, August 30 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Liu Lin) in the district around tired, many residents will sit on the bed to have a rest, it has normal to move but let some of the owners of Suqian Zhonghao International Star City District was "terrifying". Recently, the district owners inadvertently found that the small area of the marble paved on the flower beds are made of two times the tombstone. On the morning of 30, Washington reporter visited the area, found the tombstone has been taken away, a nearby resident said that he had repeatedly sat on the tombstone, feel uncomfortable, developers in order to save the cost of it is use unscrupulous divisive tactics. Two days ago, the owners in the district back, touch the flower beds, the results of a few pieces of marble fell, a closer look was found tombstone." The morning of August 30th, the district introduced a security guard at the scene, there are many owners, we go around to find off the marble Tongti black, close to the middle side of cement, had written a certain words beside the tomb, birth and death records, he is still a piece of marble tombstone, from the tombstone inscriptions can be seen in the grave is not long, the texture is relatively new. It is understood that the incident occurred in the area of two and three at the junction in the district near the East gate. Reporters on the scene found that several tombstones pieces originally has been falling away, laying near several flower beds on the marble are all being unveiled. "There are people who have property, and some owners exposed." Near a barber shop residents told reporters that a total of ten wrote the inscription found in tombstone, property have been taken away, "cutting part we suspect did not write the inscription is a marble tombstone, or just like how can material." After the incident, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with the owners of the district. "Tombstone do bed, feeling quite terrifying, but the owner is not respect tombstone." In addition, some owners questioned, this part of the marble will not fall just the tip of the iceberg? In the district where other flower beds on the marble stone is from? 29 night someone came over the night to replace." Reporters learned from the residential property company, during the construction period, due to lax procurement of materials procurement staff, the purchase of the two part of the use of marble for flower bed construction, it was the case. However, due to the leadership of the company have something to go out, so they do not know the specific circumstances. After the incident, the Zhejiang district greening engineering contractors Lihong garden construction company apologized in a local forum, said that during construction, because the procurement personnel are not strict, some two times using marble is used for bedding construction, after checking the suspected debris tombstone. The company said it had organized personnel to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and the replacement of the marble problem, while tracing the source of these marbles, the parties responsible for. (end)相关的主题文章: