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Pay back the money 200 thousand – Beijing – penitent corrupt bribery about 4000000 ten years before the incident: Zhu Yunyan – the former positions: Hainan Province, Qionghai City People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice mayor of the city of crime: Crime of bribery – verdict: June 28, 2016, Hainan first intermediate people’s court for taking bribes sentenced Zhu Yunyan to ten years. Deprivation of political rights for one year and fined 700 thousand yuan. After the first instance verdict, Zhu Yunyan said no appeal. The facts of the crime: from 2003 to 2014, Zhu Yunyan served as deputy mayor of Qionghai Municipal People’s government, the Qionghai Municipal People’s Congress, taking advantage of his position, in the construction project bidding and construction, improve the real estate project volume rate, handle real estate license and approval of project planning, project planning, allocation of Engineering adjustment function the change of land use, and to accept the trust of others, for the benefit of others, has received Yang Moumou other individuals and units bribes totaling 4 million 150 thousand yuan and 1 a value of 14 yuan of Dongfeng Nissan brand of small cars. May 18, 2015 is the most memorable day of my life. On this day, I was declared criminal detention, more than eight o’clock in the evening was sent to detention detention. On the road to the detention center, I have mixed feelings, thoughts. Think about the past as the leading cadres, how I see my glory; today, in the tumbrils, how sad. To be honest, I have to put this line of defense against corruption. Incumbent vice mayor of Qionghai City, at the beginning, in order to build their own this line of defense against corruption, I told my wife and children are not allowed to accept others’ money and many times. I have to reject and return the money from others, but after the refund I heard some people’s taunt. Some people say "with me", "someone said I don’t trust them.". I’m not in the mood to hear that. With the promotion of my position, I have more and more power. In a curry favour in the sound, I began to float up, gradually spawned some decadent ideas. I often think of myself as during his term of office to save some money, the future is not dry, not for money to also need not worry about. Because of this idea, in front of you not to grasp the principle of sugar shells, more than ten years time, I accept others of money up to about 4000000 yuan, by a leading cadres, corrupt party members gradually become a convergence of money. I had a very good chance to take the surrender, but I do not grasp. Only in March 2015, before the incident, let my brother to the Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the account to pay back the money 200 thousand yuan. Until the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to find me talk, I took the initiative to explain the problem. Before the incident, because I am full of worries, with luck, missed opportunity. It was not until the measures were taken and by the investigators and the relevant aspects of the patient again and again after the criticism, education, I really wake up. I was back to the court before the court announced the arrest, this time, thought really was Shengburusi large fluctuation. After a fierce ideological struggle, my reason over evil, and realize that only one person’s life, crime should face the reality, must be carefully)相关的主题文章: