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Small Business If MYOB is your choice of accounting software, you might be thinking about creating a customised MYOB manual for your business. A customised MYOB manual will make it easier for your staff to refer to when they are using MYOB for record keeping. It can act as a training manual for new staff or simply ensure existing staff has something to refer to if they have queries and issues. Your own MYOB manual differs to the generic manual that .es with the software as it will have specific setup guidelines specific to your business. Before setting up this training manual, ensure you (or whoever is writing this manual) is familiar with all the functions of the software. It might be wise to .plete one or several MYOB courses that are widely available. That way you can learn all the functions and different aspects of your particular software as there are several versions of MYOB according to the level of financial data keeping you require for your business. It is well worth attending MYOB courses and setting up a MYOB training manual. According to the Australian Chamber of .merce, 52% of Australian small businesses find that keeping up with GST .pliance and super .pliance is a major business issue. Therefore taking full advantage of MYOB software can help reduce .pliance costs and time spent on manual bookkeeping. It certainly takes energy and time initially to set up a customised MYOB training manual. But the benefits in the long run from reduced time and reduced need to keep training staff on MYOB functions, as well as the ability to use MYOB reporting functions to keep track of your business performance will make it all worth while. Manual Format When you are ready to set up your MYOB manual, here is a good format to follow: * Introduction where you set out basic guide to MYOB with particular relevance to your specific business. Intros should be done according to the type of MYOB software you have and the specific type of book keeping functions that your business requires. * Next on the MYOB training manual is to list guideline on setting up things like your account lists, tax codes, inventory items, card information and invoice/purchase order templates. This is important so that staff can understand how to correctly set up new data .ponents. * A guide on how to record daily information and recurring transactions should .e next as these are done everyday. If not done correctly, it can spell trouble for your data collection and make a mess when you trying to generate reports and analysis. * Reporting function guideline should be then illustrated on your MYOB manual. These are functions you perform less regularly i.e. at the end of the month, or end of the GST quarter or end of the financial year. How to generate things like payroll certificates, stock take, end of month reconciliations, group certificates, BAS, end of year reports, profit analysis for jobs etc all should be illustrated in your training manual. * Your MYOB manual should include tips and tricks for your staff to save time when using MYOB. There are things like using templates, ways to import data from other software and creating mail merges etc which can be listed in your guideline. It is also important to give tips on how to maintain and managed items like card files and inventory lists to ensure that they are functioning properly and have up to date information * Important for all training manuals for MYOB is a trouble shooting section where you list typical issues and problems that can occur with relevance to your type of business. .mon problem solving guide for typical issues can save your staff loads of time when operating MYOB * Finally, your manual should have an end section with your specific software code, any warranties and MYOB support information / helpline that can be accessed for staff to update software with latest upgrades and get support directly from MYOB. Also allow a section in your training manual for individuals to make their own notes as they use the MYOB manual and learn about the functions of the software. It is definitely worth creating a MYOB manual so that you can .ply with your tax and reporting responsibilities. As well, a properly and correctly functioning MYOB system allows you to managed and make timely financial decisions for your business. Yes it will take time and energy to create this training manual but you will get it all back on the savings you generate as you will not need to send all your staff to MYOB courses. As well your business will be better managed and hopefully keep generating profits for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: