Death the worst outcome angered fans jump we don’t back this pot

"Death" the worst outcome angered fans JUMP: we don’t back this pot of "death" comic has ushered in the ending, but in the face of such a battle what did not explain clearly, directly to the married 10 years after ending, fans also finally is not calm. For a time the world’s "death" fans have begun to express their dissatisfaction, and even some people began to tear comics, break the CD, etc.. But Shueisha official do not know how to think, has announced that it will open a special "death" forum, let the fans and the author of good communication…… But also puliao "death" is the final manuscript editing in death tyrants to get the. This is the feeling in the finale "Shueisha said death" is entirely Kubo Obihito’s own pot, and we never mind…… Jump editorial department issued tweets we can see the official push wrote: the finale of the manuscript is responsible for the work of the past 8 editors to get together! And all the people are in the dead. This is a very strange group, and very weak. It is estimated that even four teams have played And I am the editor of the second generation, like everyone else, this is my editor’s career youth ah. Thank you for your support!" And the history of the editor together COS into death to get the manuscript, it also seems interesting full look. This is not death but the fans have a cold, they said: "even if like this also won’t change the outcome. What is the meaning of ah, "you can use this creative works," death "is not like this." No matter how it seems, it’s hard to quell the anger of the fans. Reading > > suspected abuse powder JUMP official will open the "death" ending impressions website (source: Ranger network editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: