Deep grilled Baidu’s youngest vice president, Li Mingyuan, how serious the problem of insider

Deep grilled Baidu’s youngest vice president, Li Mingyuan, how serious the problem of insider economic problems? In November 4th, the youngest vice president of Baidu news brush due to "economic problems" had to resign over the circle of friends. According to Baidu occupation ethics committee released the full internal channel display, Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan in a takeover of the company participating in the project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges; in the management of the business, there are huge economic exchanges in cooperation with a private person in charge of the game partners. At the same time, Li Mingyuan’s personal investment in shares of external companies and Baidu has a business relationship, not prepared by the company system. "China business newspaper" reporter survey found that there is a direct correlation with the Li Mingyuan companies including Beijing Baidu cool Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Baidu Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin shift smooth network technology limited, Hebei Baidu cool Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin that Baidu Technology Co. ltd.. In addition to Tianjin play network technology Limited (Chairman Li Mingyuan), the rest of the corporate are Li Mingyuan, the word contains "Baidu" companies in the equity relationship with Baidu without any association, these companies are basically involved in the gaming industry, and also shares a number of game companies. Business registration information display, the ownership structure and the corporate companies are changed around June this year, Beijing Baidu Corporation cool Technology Co., Beijing Baidu Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei shift Baidu cool Network Technology Co., Ltd. the three companies become more Li Mingyuan, Li Mingyuan has also become a major shareholder of the three the company, with the investment community believes that the company’s original shareholders should be for Li Mingyuan on behalf of the holders of shares. Li Mingyuan served as chairman of the legal person and the two Tianjin Corporation currently no list of shareholders in Li Mingyuan. The concern is that Li Mingyuan is currently the company’s Beijing Baidu cool technology limited company in August last year, Tibet and Shannan Strato media Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Strato media") and the Hangzhou Cci Capital Ltd was jointly set up in Hangzhou by the same investment partnership (limited partnership), the registered capital of 96 million yuan. The spirit of cloud media had in Baidu have large transactions, in addition, the corporate spirit of cloud media and the actual control of the original (Strato currently media has been extensive acquisition of shares in Hangzhou) or Geoswift Asset Management as Limited (BVI) (hereinafter referred to as "Hui Yuantong") the indirect shareholder, coincidentally, both of the two the company’s business has great business with Baidu and investment company. Strato currently has been extensive media shares to 800 million yuan price of the acquisition of a wholly-owned, extensive shares have also prepared to wholly Acquire $330 million yuan, the total value of the two companies is equivalent to RMB 3 billion yuan. In 2014 1~9 month, purchases Strato media on Baidu reached 60 million 330 thousand yuan, accounting for 30.01% of the current operating costs, while the spirit of cloud media in 2014 of the main customers of, Volkswagen is also Baidu’s main customers, the reporter learned from the senior advertising agency industry practitioners, from the business structure, Strato media that is, Baidu search.相关的主题文章: