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Reference-and-Education When you go to a technical school to learn HVAC maintenance and repair, you expect to learn how to repair electrical work or perform maintenance on a refrigerator. But do you expect to develop leadership skills? If not, then you should. Sure, technical school teaches you the vocational skills for working in the HVAC industry, but just as importantly, technical school teaches you how to be.e a leader in the field. But what leadership qualities should an HVAC technician possess? How do they make a difference in the everyday work of HVAC maintenance and repair? Here are some suggestions for how you can lead others as an HVAC professional. Lead with integrity Those who are successful in business often have proven leadership skills that are founded on integrity. Integrity means that you fulfill the promises that you make. Trust can be a big factor in a successful business relationship and as a leader, you need your co-workers and customers to trust you to .plete the work that you say you will. Even if it is something as simple as sending a customer a link to a web page you talked about with them, you need to make sure that you follow through on it. By doing the small, simple things, you will be.e a leader in your field based on the integrity you demonstrate. Lead with an open mind Having an open mind is all about listening. You must allow your co-workers and customers to vocalize their thoughts and opinions in order to make the best leadership decisions. Are you able to focus on what another person is saying or are you waiting for your turn to argue your point? This slight difference in approach to listening will make all the difference to the people with whom you are talking. You can learn about the problems and concerns of others in order to make more fully informed decisions. Your ability to keep an open mind toward others will also be a testament to your integrity. Lead with flexibility No matter how much education and experience you have in the HVAC industry, lead with the humility to grow and develop further. You can continue to learn from the people around you and to do this you must remain flexible. Dont be sure that your way is the best way. Its all right to accede to another persons suggestions, even seemingly insignificant ones. Leading with flexibility and an open mind go hand in hand. Lead with a desire for self-improvement Self-improvement is very important to leading. Technology changes so rapidly in todays society, so you need to be willing to evolve your technical skills and your perspective on the industry with society. It is important for you to spend time learning new tools and methods that are gaining prominence in the industry. Along with improving yourself, you should also be willing to improve the skills of those around you. Lead with the responsibility to teach There is also a degree of teaching that .es with the self-improvement of yourself and the improvement of others. As you develop your skills further, you must encourage the people around you to develop their skills as well. It wont do much good for you to possess the latest knowledge without sharing it with the other people at work. Bring everyone up to speed on the latest knowledge. With the team effort in having the latest industry methods and technology, your HVAC .pany can be.e a leading and innovative organization within your city. Lead with authenticity Be real with people. This is different from having integrity. Integrity is being honest with people and keeping your promises. Being authentic means being yourself. Dont be a suck-up because you think thats what people want to hear. Be genuine with people in order to gain their trust and confidence. While you do have to be a salesman to people, you dont want to .e off as a stereotypical one. Be encouraging and charming toward people, but more importantly, be natural. Lead with patience Things wont always go the way you want them to go. Whether its a difficult co-worker, a job that doesnt pan out, or a slow influx of work, have patience as a leader. Your reactions to problems will help others deal with those problems with a little extra kindness and understanding. HVAC school will help you develop your leadership capabilities in order to be successful in your job and easy to work with in the eyes of your co-workers and customers. When you are able to succeed with these skills, you will be able to connect with people better and secure stability in your career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: