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Diabetic patients should eat fish so healthy seventy year old aunt – the Sohu found diabetes more than five years, and has almost blind eye disease, due to complications in death zouliaoyizao. Since my aunt had complications after action inconvenience, uncle aunt became a full-time nanny, every time I see uncle like baby aunt aunt also serve dinner, like a child with Uncle spoiled, I think this is also a kind of happiness. When it comes to dinner, uncle and aunt did not give special treatment, always eat together with you, of course, my uncle will also pay attention to the reasonable collocation aunt dish, one dish is my aunt special love to eat fish, that is. So the problem is: diabetic patients with more fish? Fish taste delicious, high nutritional value, and protein content of fish is higher than the content of pork, while the fat content is not high, very suitable for diabetics, but the fish is good, also need to pay attention to the choice of and the amount of. What are the benefits of eating more fish? Fish meat is not only tender and soft, easy to digest, but also rich in high-quality protein, which must be more than the content of amino acids in line with human physiological needs. Fish fat is low to unsaturated fatty acids, which is essential nutrients, not only can regulate blood lipids, blood sugar, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetic complications (such as heart disease, kidney disease). In addition, the fish is also rich in fat soluble vitamin A and vitamin D, can also be obtained from fish, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals. Different types of fish, rich in nutrients, various types of fatty acid content is not the same. Fish can be divided into freshwater fish and deep water fish, our common freshwater fish are carp, carp, snakehead, grass carp etc.. Deep water fish fish, octopus, eel, squid etc.. So what is the difference between the nutrients in the fish? Please refer to the following table two. Note: roe contains high cholesterol, it is best not to eat. Diabetes patients should eat fish? The types of fish: fish, fish are very good, especially fish quality. But the cholesterol content of squid and fish were higher, to avoid as much as possible to eat. Buy the fish: fish and crustaceans are easy to rot, so be sure to pick fresh fish, also in the purchase of fish, fish should be eaten in the purchase of 24 hours, but the fish after eating is also very convenient. The Fish Cooking: not suitable for diabetic patients because of excessive intake of fat, so it is best not to use the fish fried, and then stewed practices. Recommend the best steamed, it can reduce the loss of nutrients and easy to digest. The amount of edible fish should be controlled within 2~3 times a week. My aunt cooked fish are carp, crucian carp and thorns and more, every time after the uncle will pick out the fishbone again on the aunt’s bowl, it reminds me of a word "company is the most long love" for patients with diabetes and their families who did not like this.? I am the president, I organized a number of 1, type of sugar WeChat group of friends, come and look for the same as your partner! )相关的主题文章: