Did you miss it The classic indie games that first landed on PS4 9c8950

Did you miss it? The classic independent game initial landing PS4 with increasing influence in the independent games gaming platform above is also becoming more and more popular, the major manufacturers and game platform are beginning to pay attention to the seemingly small fresh and very small independent game, those small developers and independent studios are also because of the game the shift for independent game attitude and can more easily obtain resources – more investment or the public to raise funds to better give the game player bring more and better games, but also better able to show them the game concept, it is with the quality of the game the original firm, with today’s independent game stable and creative game idea. Now, they have independent games can be landed on the table top of the column, it has created many commercial game companies did not think the story of the game and the new concept of the game, but also to promote the new way of selling the game — for example, DLC platform for the sale of sale mode and so on, for the game player, independent game thought the smaller capacity, more and more exquisite picture, brief history of the game, so that they can quickly into the game, or to exit from the game to keep the game fresh feeling, it is a large commercial game cannot do that, they also can not give the most direct happy ordinary game player. SONY is an exception, it is one of the few support independent game development of large commercial enterprises, the development of the game in their own PS platform funded by independent game developers, then the depth of the development of the game and encourage other resources it has in itself under the SONY, for the game player, expand their game this method not only supports the type of SONY, but also help those developers who have the potential to create a great game, and the game player were also not always can only enjoy the giants of the game and missed all the beautiful game pieces. Of course, here is an independent game, not an exclusive game, some games have been logged on other platforms, such as "super Meat Boy", "is a man to be strong" and "hell border". 1, Klaus for a person to find their own identity, as a player will have any idea? An ordinary office worker has a sudden awakening of the day and finds that his present life is just a cover up of a dark story Well, this story we have in the matrix and the assassin union art seen too many times, but Klaus gives us just a little bit like stories that looks dull but the play exciting thriller. The original landing of PS4’s classic indie game offers a relatively open game world, not just one way to the end of the adventure story. In the style of painting was world inside the game, the game shows a typical style of the world platform, game player such as running and jumping in the 2D plane, different actions like this, although the game has some similar building design style, but the movement is relatively smooth, not too much paper thin feeling. And when.相关的主题文章: