Didi tiger app3.0 to open a new intelligent driving mirror sector g227

Didi tiger APP3.0 smart driving new "mirror"; line-height: 26px; white-space: normal; text-indent: 32px; background-color: RGB (249, 249, 249); " > in September, the interconnection of mobile data service car networking operators Shenzhen Guanglian Saixun and focus on automotive electronics jointly issued "the main Chinese car" smart plan, equipped with the latest didi tiger APP 3 version of the rearview mirror is also officially listed. Didi tiger APP only from the initial navigation, music function step by step iterative upgrade, and then to the current integration of cloud cloud navigation, entertainment, cloud security, cloud, cloud, cloud recording telephone traffic, cloud security, cloud voice 8 functions and services didi tiger APP 3, it can give the owners to bring intelligent experience what kind of driving? Cloud navigation: support voice control and manual navigation mode, the built-in high precision high German map, can also view real-time intersection enlargement, whether it is walking in the bustling metropolis or secluded villages and towns, and then Luchi also do not worry about getting lost. Not only that, by WeChat or mobile phone didi APP can also advance reservation navigation, travel arrangements ahead of schedule more convenient. Cloud Entertainment: a collection of cool music, including Himalaya FM, FM, FM four koala Dragonfly mainstream audio content by didi tiger depth content operation, not only recommend songs, news, comic talk show, storytellers program audio content, but also according to the car networking big data intelligent recommendation, make the journey more pleasure. Cloud voice: "a song of Jay Chou", "navigation to the window of the world", "open record", "I’m hungry.""…… Voice assistant like iPhone Siri, responsive, complete liberation of your hands. Cloud Road: by adding the "company" and "home" location information can be obtained sooner or later WeChat traffic forecast on time, after the ignition of speech to broadcast real-time traffic, traffic road ahead can do real-time alerts, driving more convenient. Cloud records: equipped with high temperature military grade recorder, front and rear high-definition camera, support night vision effect, so that travel worry free. More importantly, anti pengci risks all intelligent pre installed didi tiger APP 3 mirror are presented with a period of 1 years, driving record function through the mirror, once the proof to confirm "pengci", can be awarded 20 thousand yuan, plus 5000 yuan of medical accident insurance, to encourage owners to sound, refusing to compromise pengci party. Cloud free telephone: exclusive manual service, voice voice calls, dialect agents, tell the destination, the navigation start immediately. Yun Anquan: cloud electronic dog overspeed warning, high-speed ADAS track departure warning, 2 years without limit road rescue, let the car more peace of mind. Not only that, but also at any time check violation, and provide more than a city of illegal or illegal payment service, make more simple. Cloud Security: whenever and wherever possible real-time view of the car position, special time vehicle abnormal start early warning, special holidays gave the car hassle free service, no matter when and where, worry free travel..相关的主题文章: