Ding Junhui two cases of deadlock reversed the need to draw lessons from the World Championship (vid-aptana studio

Ding Junhui two cases of deadlock reversed the need to draw lessons from the world championship long live! The championship 20% deadlock swing Ding hit the yellow ball out of Taiwan sports Tencent in October 30th, 20162017 snooker season state championships into the final, Ding Junhui and Selby for the final champion. The competition is fierce, the first phase of the first half Selby take the initiative, but two people in the second and fourth innings into a stalemate, only to restart, showing the intensity of competition, Selby as a leader now, its remarkable degree. In the tournament, the so-called deadlock refers to both sides in some bar after not made snooker and no goal, the referee is identified as the deadlock in the consent of both players agree after the Bureau canceled the restart, the general deadlock occurs mostly in the opening stage, because any party players are not willing to give the opponent the opportunity to leave, but to take passive defense. If the first defensive players for three consecutive passive defense, the referee will remind the latter, if you take a passive defense, will be sentenced to deadlock. Ranking in China, this is not the first time Ding Junhui and Selby to break the deadlock. In 2011 China Snooker Open enters the semi-final, Ding Junhui in the first half 1-3 into halftime behind. The start of the second half of fifth, the two sides in the defense war, right at the bottom of the bag bag piled up 4 red, two red and white balls close, Ding Junhui Selby put forward the error after the restart Ding Junhui and the referee agreed, this is when the Chinese open first because of deadlock to open a game. There is no doubt that in snooker ranking event, the deadlock situation is still relatively small, the current national championship final, Ding Junhui and Selby defend war in the fourth inning, played nearly 30 minutes decided to start, this is a rare scene. From behind the process, which also led to Ding Junhui’s passive, gridlock is mainly caused by the defensive war, Selby has always been good at playing defensive, to wear for rocket O’Sullivan ate several losses, Ding Junhui is no exception, in this year’s World Championships final, Ding Junhui and Selby in a long time. The global competition, the game time is too long, Selby and Ding Junhui play annoyed the audience, because time is too long, the audience for going to the toilet. As the level of the championship after the world championships ranking, both sides have some pressure, are more emphasis on this champion. In the first 9 games, Ding Junhui to 1-8 behind, from the competition, Selby’s tactical success, rod slow grinding work angry, Ding Junhui in the global war no advantage at all, to learn the lessons of this year’s World Championships, we must grasp the opportunity, to counter rival. (French swordsman)相关的主题文章: