Do not go to the hospital at home can remote treatment interrogation

Don’t go to the hospital for treatment at home can remote interrogation at home can not go to the hospital, remote treatment interrogation. Limited by Share Ltd in Optics Valley information technology booth, the staff through a video to show the health cloud family doctor APP function. Video recording is a true story. The medical resources in Zigui County chenjiaba village villagers are scarce, difficult to see a doctor, install the "health cloud family doctor" APP on the mobile phone, the villagers at home will be able to real-time video communication with doctors. Xu Xu, Zigui County doctors also think that a lot of work efficiency, now do not have to go to rural households, can be remote areas of diabetes, hypertension and other chronic patients to guide." According to reports, health cloud family doctor is a one-stop mobile health management services platform, public and health care version of the version. Residents to download the public version of the registration login, you can always check the health records and Medicare reimbursement progress, through the health information section of APP, access to various types of health knowledge and the latest local health care policy information. If you sign the family doctor on the platform, but also residents of online communication with the doctor, stay at home to enjoy the health care consulting services. Medical version of the doctor as the main body, to help medical staff in the mobile terminal to complete the follow-up of patients, referral, slow disease management and other functions, reducing the workload, but the work is more efficient and convenient. Optics Valley information company staff, "health cloud family doctor" is the only province county wisdom medical service platform, currently in Zigui county has completed the end of medical coverage, will gradually cover the province and other cities.相关的主题文章: