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Don’t buy buy buy, 4 errors of skin care products maybe you don’t know — Health Channel – original title: don’t buy buy buy, 4 errors of skin care products you may not know the American orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Barry Eppley through the experiment and consumer feedback, summarized 4 common misconceptions consumers of skincare products. Almighty "magic" single product does not exist. Skin care includes cleaning, moisturizing, protection and other basic functions, and a single product, no matter how many components it contains, can not achieve all of these features. Topical collagen and collagen can not be added to the skin. There is no scientific data show that collagen or hyaluronic acid molecules can penetrate the dense dermis (approximately 95% of the total thickness of the skin). Collagen or hyaluronic acid products are used to feel good, but the external collagen and collagen can not be added to the skin. The epidermis has a wetting effect, but its level of action is limited only to this. Organic skin care products are not better than synthetic skin care products. A lot of synthetic ingredients look like natural ingredients, and usually have better results. Therefore, the focus is not whether it is natural, but whether it is effective. What skin care or skin care products do is slow down and improve a person’s natural aging process, and in most cases, it needs to be done in a natural or synthetic way. Antioxidants don’t reduce wrinkles. The effect of antioxidants is to prevent the formation of free radicals (free radicals is one of the main causes of skin damage), but it can not repair the existing skin damage. (the First Affiliated Hospital of General Hospital of PLA Department of Dermatology (Li Lei): Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor right)相关的主题文章: