Don’t blame the child for life picking, otherwise regret – maternal Sohu mycoolboy

Don’t blame the child for life picking, or they will regret it – I think Daniel Sohu mother for new things not cold is a good behavior, even boasting he is so sensible, so small that give me money. There is no denying that this is a stupid idea and behavior. To see such a piece on the Internet: the character is written on the lips, standing in the corner of the eye with happiness; see the talent of tolerance, gait visible self perception; the recent mood expression, the forehead is past; clothing display aesthetic, style table personality; occupation hand foot cultivation; "poor" will be distributed out of the body, those who cheat to wear brand-name more cannot cover. Now many people threatened not to judge the truth and how is it? There is a fire in the video, the same little girl wearing different clothes in public, testing people’s reaction. When the little girl was standing on the side of the road in neat, clean clothes, the people stopped to talk to her and asked her if she needed help. Then, the little girl dressed in a shabby in dress, his dusty face "little sloppy", when she was standing on the roadside, but no one would stop to look at her. The environment moved to the restaurant, the little girl went into a restaurant in her own clothes, and all her eyes were full of love and tenderness. When the little girl and then replaced the shabby dress in the dining room, the whole world seems to become a kind of like the women to take the bag away, for fear of being her dirty, some people even let her out of the restaurant service personnel will be. People’s wear reflects a person’s mental outlook, in the invisible, the amount of their body exudes temperament affects everyone around. The child’s appearance is not about parents, but can be used to express the other side of the child through the external dress. On the contrary, even if the children grow and mark, looks sloppy, still can show people’s aversion to harvest. In life, love their children pick some clothes, shoes, jewelry is not wrong, this means that children have their own way of thinking and his aesthetic ideas; if children come, parents give their children what the child would be what, please don’t rejoice, you have deprived the children’s aesthetic consciousness. In the economic conditions allow, give their children to wear decent clothes, because of the aesthetic, will affect his life.相关的主题文章: