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Double eleven high-speed rail transport force added for the first time at 8:30 yesterday, two bus carrying more than 80 pieces of small items of the van, arrive at the Dalian North Railway Station south two floor fall off the platform. The truck stop, already waiting for a dozen cre Dalian branch staff rushed the goods unloading into the cart, quickly through the security channel and the Dalian North Railway Station provide exclusive ticket channel items will be transported to the platform…… This "double eleven", for the first time to join the army in railway transportation. From November 11th to November 20th, the Shenyang Railway Bureau launched the electricity supplier golden week new initiatives in freight services. At 9:30, Dalian north to G1293 high-speed rail trains north of Xi’an slowly into the station, the staff will then small items on the platform are all transported to train the last carriage, stored in the gap between the seat and the seat of the car in the last row, the whole car seat "plug" full to the brim. Today, we shipped more than 500 pieces, more than usual doubled." China Railway Express Business Department of Dalian Railway Station branch secretary Luo Guixin introduction, from November 11th to 20, 10 days, Chinese railway company will use inter Bureau passenger trains, for the originating station across the board between the day of transportation business. In the meantime, the rear of the train was selected in the last car seats reserved for sale, express transportation space, each vehicle volume of about 2 tons. In terms of price, during the event will implement the "price" principle, all in accordance with the goods all the weight of the charge, the benchmark price is 3 yuan per kilogram, according to the different batches of weight can also float preferential. Dalian Unimax freight forwarding company responsible Long Dejiang told reporters yesterday the company through the high-speed rail express issued a total of 85 small items, including Harbin North 40, north of Xi’an to 45, these items are yesterday morning friends around the country to buy clothes online. The choice of high-speed rail express, the main value is its timeliness, "from our goods from north station to Harbin by high-speed rail is issued, customers receive the goods, and the time is 5 hours, than we had through the land fast for 6 hours, and is the most important items are the same day. During the event, the freight and land transportation under the condition of not much difference between, we will naturally choose high-speed rail transportation." As with the central wind express freight company, Dalian company yesterday by Harbin and Xi’an high-speed rail express to two directions of delivery. The operation of the company director Zhang Hongjian said, after the wind express and high-speed rail express once worked together during the event the two sides together again, in addition to the effectiveness of Railway Express, one of the important factors of safety is downwind selection. The reporter learned from the Shenyang Railway Bureau, during the double eleven "golden week business", the Shenyang Railway Bureau jointly cre Shenyang branch, the focus on quality of transportation resources, the use of passenger train shipment of small batch, high value, timeliness and strong express, for the day, the next morning, the next day of business, provide the whole small items transportation service for customers. During this period, Shenyang Railway Bureau and the Dalian branch of China Railway Express every column using 5 passenger high iron maple相关的主题文章: