Double eleven shopping burned woman in Foshan due to credit card malicious overdraft arrested-y580

Double eleven shopping burned Foshan woman because of malicious overdraft of credit card detained Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Xia Xiaoli Li Jianbin) to apply for credit card to pay for daily expenses, but a Foshan woman excessive overdraft credit card consumption, unable to pay debts, "double eleven" is growing more and more, and gradually into the abyss of malicious overdraft ". November 14th, the reporter learned from the Foshan police, police arrested 4 malicious overdraft credit card suspects. In November 8th, a Foshan bank staff to the Chancheng public security report, said its customers Liang (a pseudonym) since June 2015, overdraft credit card, as of early November this year, a total of about 70 thousand yuan owed the bank money. Last year, the bank repeatedly through the collection of phone calls or letters, Liang has been completely indifferent, but the bank had to choose the police for help. After receiving the police, the police according to the clues reflect, 11, that is, in the vicinity of the quarter will be suspected of credit card fraud in the vicinity of the suspect arrested Liang Liang Road, six. According to Chen confessed, after graduating from college, she served as a customer service in a communications company in Foshan, a few years down but also save a little savings. However, she began in 2015 to stay at home, soon the savings to maintain daily expenses by credit card. However, a love to buy clothes, and restaurant dining, met the "double eleven" also love shopping, although occasionally casual work to make money, but not enough to repay credit card debt. See debt higher than yesterday, Liang will use the hands of the other two credit cards, in an attempt to "rob Peter to pay Paul" muddle through, however bubble finally burst. Liang said, in addition to Minsheng Bank’s 70 thousand yuan, he also credit card overdraft of the other 2 banks about more than 30 thousand yuan. According to police reports, credit card overdraft is unable to repay the case is not uncommon, in the office of a company Dengmou, 2011 so far, a total of about 280 thousand yuan owed the bank unable to repay. 11 pm, he was arrested in a quarter of the Bank of China Road processing business. Similar to the credit card overdraft insolvent and Yuanmou and xiaomou two. At present, Liang and 4 xingju. Ahead of consumer attitudes, the use of credit cards, mobile phone payment overdraft of the cardholder but no ground for blame, for the purpose of illegal possession of more than the prescribed time limit or overdraft limit, after collection by the issuing bank for more than 3 months is still not returned, can be identified as "malicious overdraft", will be on the crime of credit card fraud criminal responsibility. Police appeal, holders of credit cards in the use of credit cards should take into account the ability to repay their own, to control the extent of consumption, not blindly credit card spending. Editor: GDN008相关的主题文章: