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Double sniper most memorable! "Call of duty" series of ten classic level [Abstract] a "call of duty" series has accompanied us for 12 years, today we look at one of the most classic 10 level. This article comes from the original author of the Tencent game channel recruitment activities, the author: He1De, I want to join. Reproduced please indicate the source. It has been 12 years since it was launched in 2003 as a series of "call of duty" games. From the initial "COD1" to the latest "COD13", "call of duty" series has been well received by the players around the world, and has become a benchmark for the top FPS games. In November 4th of this year, "call of duty" series of games will officially enter their thirteenth year. Looking back on the past, there are always some classic scenes so that we can not forget, today we will inventory "call of duty" series of ten classic levels. TOP 10 Blood & iron and blood; Iron (COD5) armoured cavalry has always been synonymous with war, brought up in the second world war we are the first to debut a number of tanks may be the tiger and panther in germany. However, compared to the German tanks, focusing on protection and firepower, the Soviet Union’s tank design is called the real steel torrent. COD5 T34-85 Blood & Iron in the tank; the points you will use a T34-85 tank and the Germans launched a desperate struggle, the fact that in the Soviet steel flood hit all the fascist pronoun can only be reduced to the animal. Finally you will cover the Soviet Red Army third infantry regiment arrived at the train station, and at this point in our hearts clear, only one goal – Berlin. TOP Cliffhanger (COD6) 9 rock climbing this time you will play the role of Task Force 141 Xiaoqiang, fight and you will be MacTavish. In order to recapture the Russian acquired ACS module. You will climb from the cliff to the snow capped mountains, with the help of storm cover into the airport. Although at the last minute by Russian, but successfully escaped. MW2 rock climbing MacTavish should say "this level of rock climbing sport" is the "call of Duty 6" in the atmosphere to create the most successful game player, standing on the cliff, at the foot of the cecum trail, rise is the vertical wall Maninsan 1000 bow is the abyss (the rush in the new service), when the plane roared there seems to be no people think that this is a task. Of course, in addition to the success of creating extremely harsh natural environment, this is also integrated into the dive and explosive elements, and finally chase scenes are very out of color sleigh. TOP8 WMD (COD7) filed the call of Duty 7: black action, presumably everyone’s first impression is the story of life, such as the fog of the general Reznov and the story of the very burned brain. If the MW of modern war is a modern war epic surge high and sweep forward, then the black action series that can be said to be a detective suspense novels. The SR-71 blackbird high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft game player driving is the so-called "there must be something out unusual demon", in the face of such a crazy story you.相关的主题文章: