Eat sashimi against liver fluke 三色网

Eat sashimi against liver fluke sashimi, raw fish porridge and other fresh delicacy now has become the darling of the masses chase. Ma Guansheng, a professor at the school of public health, Peking University, pointed out that after tasting "fresh", the liver fluke will be inadvertently invited. Liver fluke, as its name suggests, is a parasite that damages the liver and gall system. The adult is slender and flat, and looks like melon seeds. They live in human bile ducts and live for 20-30 years, which can cause long-term damage to the health. Ma Guansheng introduced that the liver fluke in the bile duct narrows the bile duct. More worms will clog the bile duct, cause cholestasis and jaundice. They can also cause hepatomegaly and gallstones. The patients with mild infection can not have obvious symptoms when infected with liver fluke. The patients with moderate infection can show digestive system discomfort, such as anorexia, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, emaciation, etc., and the serious infection can occur cirrhosis and ascites. Ma Guansheng reminds us that there are many areas of clonorchiasis in our country, which should be paid enough attention to. Human infection is caused mainly by eating raw or half of fish and shrimp. So, to avoid the liver fluke, is not to eat raw fish, shrimp, must be cooked, not just for the sake of delicious.