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The eight anniversary of Lehman’s bankruptcy, former Lehman Trader: madness will repeat itself in September 15, 2008, with a history of 158 years, the Wall Street investment bank Lehman declared bankruptcy, the largest since the founding of the United States a bankruptcy case. Fourth major Wall Street investment bank Lehman collapsed overnight, and set off the largest financial tsunami since the great depression, the U.S. economy has led to a $22 trillion loss in the crisis, will the global economy into several years of economic crisis. Over the past 8 years, people have been constantly reflecting on the lessons of Lehman’s failure to prepare for the next crisis. Summarize the lessons including financial innovation without control, expand the fragility of the financial system, and policy makers to estimate the real estate bubble, lax supervision and so on. In the final years of experience of Lehman’s former Lehman trader Jared (Jared Dillian), the building of non overturning a day, but it happened so quietly, it is difficult to find the exact time point. When asked about the Lehman now to the banks and investors have what enlightenment, Jared (Jared Dillian) without thinking that "vigilance lever." He said, although in the current regulatory environment, the banking industry to repeat a Lehman style collapse, almost impossible, however, if future regulatory re slowly relaxed, "or someone will make the same mistake with us." Jared (Jared Dillian) in 2001 to enter Lehman, until after the bankruptcy of Lehman in September 2008. In Lehman’s seven years, his highest position was the head of ETF’s trading arm. Now, he runs an online newspaper called "The Daily Dirtnap" and serves as an investment strategist at Mauldin Economics, providing information and research to traders and investors. After 2008, Jared returned to the south of the sea, away from the "Colosseum" Wall Street, "I love now and peaceful life". On the 8 anniversary of Lehman’s bankruptcy, he recalled the wild days of greed, sickness and ambition. After Lehman’s Bankruptcy: no one save us "September 15th is Monday, I went to the company." Jared recalled that 8 years ago, many of the details are not visible before the eyes, "I walked up from the city of New York, at the time of Lehman’s office building in 49 street and 7 Avenue intersection. The company has been surrounded by a live TV car. A lot of reporters around. They want to catch me, ask questions." September 14th evening, once known as the Wall Street bulldog, Lehman CEO Richard · (Richard Fuld) is still struggling to make the final. In charge of Lehman’s ten years, he was driving the ship had successfully escaped from the Asian financial crisis, economic difficulties after 911, but in the new round of real estate bubble, hit an iceberg. In the media reports, he hopes to be the same as the former president of Lehman’s board of directors Bush’s cousin · (George), (Walker), but the latter is no longer.相关的主题文章: