Eight confirmed sperm killer txplatform

Although the male sperm killer has been proven to have hundreds of millions of sperm per day, the health of these tadpoles is easily disturbed by external factors. Sperm needs 75 days to grow mature, once the damage will affect male fertility. The following 8 factors endangering sperm health, ready to do the father of men must pay attention to. Source: Oriental IC 1. Bath. The testis needs to be lower than other parts of the body in order to work properly. Some experts believe that when the testicular temperature of more than 36.67 degrees Celsius, sperm production will be suspended, and the negative effects of sperm will continue for several months. Research shows that in the jacuzzi bath or hot water bath 30 minutes, will reduce the number of sperm production is short. 2. High fever. Studies have shown that men with high fever, sperm concentration decreased by 35%. 3. Notebook computer。 Laptop running, the internal maximum temperature of up to more than and 70 degrees Celsius, a long time to work on the laptop on both legs, will make the scrotal temperature increased by nearly 3 degrees Celsius, may lead to reduced sperm count. 4. Tight fitting briefs. The tighter the underwear, the more detrimental to sperm production. When the scrotum was tightly wrapped in a narrow space, the lack of air circulation, temperature, hinder the sperm production. 5. Varicosity。 Varicocele can cause the local temperature of testis, and increase the level of vasoactive substances. 6. Mobile phone。 The study found that the number of sperm per day was significantly decreased, and the activity and morphology of the male were significantly lower than that of 4 hours per day. 7. Obesity. A study by the WHO found that obese men had reduced testicular function and significantly reduced sperm counts compared with those with normal weight. 8. Party。 Avoid smoking and drinking, will damage the reproductive function and sexual function. Alcohol can affect the quality of sperm, hinder the formation of sperm, smoking will damage the mobility of sperm, and even damage sperm DNA, but also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.相关的主题文章: