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Business secret in October 18th and no hammer [IT168] T3- Sohu digital information hammer technology will be held in October 18th the new conference, although the old law did not have the conference announced the name of new products, but according to the type of mobile phone of the Ministry of network point of view, this will be the release of the hammer T3, however, Luo did not follow the routine play, sources called the day does not see the hammer T3, there will be a new mobile phone. So what will be released on the day of the product has become a mystery, but now there are electronic business platform leaked the secret. In the past had accurately exposed the existence of the hammer phone T3L micro-blog users @ Yuan Xuanhua said at the 18 conference did not T3, there is no three squirrels, which means there is no nut phone. When everyone was a bit stupid really what the hammer, the hammer once again to "sell" Jingdong, we see in the Jingdong hammer new preheat page URL name shows "chuizim1", the code and rumors among the hammer mobile phone T3 is completely different, it also has been very clear to tell us the hammer a new machine called the hammer M1, rather than have been rumors of T3. From the exposure of the news, the appearance has no suspense, hammer M1 design with double glass, positive and iPhone is similar, equipped with a circular Home button on the back of the fuselage is more like a hammer T2. The configuration, the hammer will be equipped with M1 Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, combined with 4GB of memory to run, 64GB of storage space body. They also have a large screen high version, it uses a 5.5 inch display, 6GB running memory, 128GB storage space body.相关的主题文章: