Eleven after going to work on the first day of the early morning of Zhengzhou blocking people cry-申威1600

Eleven after the first day of work in Zhengzhou as early as the peak blocking people cry today is October 8th, the first day of work after the morning rush hour, many people will estimate the "late", because… Blocked the road too..!!! Nanyang the Yellow River Road northbound South Block, 20 minutes still marking time. Henan traffic radio from Kim Street brigade learned: walk or because today is the first day of work more vehicles, we are also impatient, the intersection of subway construction and natural gas pipeline construction, resulting in reduced lane, indeed relatively great pressure! At the moment we have ahead of traffic police at the scene to divert traffic; you have not arrived here ahead of the Beijing Guangzhou Expressway bypass or cultural road. Pray: Longhu agricultural road, outer ring road under the viaduct, car accident, and from the east to the West and South two-way walking without traffic lights, north to South four lane fast agricultural road when suddenly change two lanes, plus a small electric power, several reasons causing congestion, estimated to be blocked. Daniel: Beijing Guangzhou Expressway south to North South Sanhuan tunnel after the middle lane two car accident, and then to the north side of the lane, a van with double flash, then forward is still slow. Left: East Dongfeng Road and Longhu outer ring road into a parking lot. Colorful life: South Sanhuan Jing Guang bridge on the west to East in the middle lane two car rear end, West to East traffic ing. Longhai Road Viaduct West to East future exports, exports of 20 meters to the west side of the lane, two car rear end. Henan traffic radio reporter Yang Guang: the Jianshe Road River and west to East Hashiguchi, street construction has been suspended, but a scaffold on the left most occupied part of Qiaokou, lane, two lane bridge site still can. Have little effect on the passage. West to East in the vicinity of the gas station, the road contracting slightly slower, queuing more than 100 meters. Henan traffic radio reporter Yu Long: Zhongzhou road Longhai elevated ground floor has a north-south direction of road construction, the original part of the road to the green belt; the south to the north of the vehicle to the Zhengbian road are road turning direction ahead of the shunt. Henan traffic radio reporter frost from the traffic police team was informed that: eight by 8:00, the City Dongfeng Road, Qilihe South Road, Dongfeng Road South northbound, dawn navigation road, Yu Ying Jie of the traffic lights are not working properly, please pass here riders Caution!, careful driving. Henan traffic radio reporter: Yang Guang, Yu Long Henan Traffic Radio Media Editor: Frost相关的主题文章: