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Business China business is getting lucrative for those interested in global sourcing. People .e to China frequently on account of business collaborations and to do import/export business. There are certain entry requirements for all the people traveling to China before they be the part of China business. The first and foremost thing that every traveler interested in China business should keep in mind is whether the visa and passport are at hand all the times. Visas can be easily obtained from the consulates and embassies of China. All the foreign tourists including those for China business, reaching the wonderful country of China need to have a visa. However, the citizens of some countries who want to visit Macau and Hong Kong do not need to present visa to the official authorities of China. Travelers on a further tour from China can stay here without visa for a maximum time period of 24 hours. The visas issued to the visitors including .ing for China business as the representative of import/export industry differ depending upon the requirements of the traveler. Several factors are borne in mind while issuing visa to the tourists going to China. The most .mon type is the tourist visa that gives permission to the traveler to stay in China for a period of about 1-2 months. To obtain the right visa, it is best to seek the advice of the Consulate General or the Chinese embassy. Other than China business, employment visa is useful for people who visit the country to seek employment. Referred to as Type Z visa, it has a validity period of 1 year. The application process can appear to be little cumbersome and might even include a physical examination. It provides the scope for renewal but it does require considerable time to be spent on the paperwork. Travelers can enter into the mainland China if they have a valid visa. As far as the luggage is concerned, there are no set rules as such. People who plan a business travel trip to China can bring along their personal belongings such as the camera, personal .puter, printer, music system and many more. Travelers .ing to China for import/export purposes as a part of global sourcing need to seek permission from the custom authorities. There are a couple of formalities that the China business travelers need to .ply with. The goods imported for the purpose of exhibiting in the trade shows are exempted from the custom duty. But there is a clause that reads that the goods should be re-exported within a time frame of three months. Before planning the China business tour for import/export purposes for global sourcing, the entrepreneurs must seek a prior approval from the custom authorities. At times, the custom authorities lay stress on providing people .ing to China for global sourcing or for import/export purposes, with a guarantee which can be either in the form of a letter or a deposit before they are allowed to do indulge in import/export business in China global sourcing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: