Evisu brand 25 anniversary evisu Rules special edition version of the fiery listing jiuyaogan

EVISU EVISU RULES brand 25 Anniversary Collection Edition Package hot market invited Top Asian photographer Keiichi Nitta to create new visual feast in 2016 coincides with the 25 anniversary of the establishment of the EVISU brand, to commemorate this event, the brand launched the 25 anniversary of the EVISU RULES Special Edition Package (limited edition of 1000 sets), and invite famous Asian photographer Keiichi Nitta shot himself, EVISU has always been a sense of humor and subversion continues! Since the 25 anniversary of the EVISU EVISU brand RULES Special Edition Package EVISU Tibet since Mr. Yamane Eihiko founded in 1991, production of materials, technology, quality and details of the operation, the pursuit of making each pair of jeans are strict in demands, adhere to the seven principles (EVISU RULES). 2016 marks the 25 anniversary of the establishment of the EVISU brand, in order to repay the brand has been supporters of EVISU, for everyone in the 25 anniversary of the "EVISU RULES" special edition set. The whole suite of design inspiration focused on digital "25" and "25", and Chinese characters with silver anniversary as a representative color throughout. Particularly mentioning, choose 2008 jeans pants type plain unwashed crafted, pants bag printed with the brand 25 anniversary special flower Buddha head embroidery and silver seagull brand Logo, in addition, the leather brand jeans on a red "25", fully embodies the special the significance of this product commemorative value. The whole set includes three products, namely, embroidered jeans, anniversary special printing Tee, and embroidered flat cap. Package price of 2999 yuan, Beijing, Sanlitun EVISU has started pre-sale Joined together! The EVISU brand to Asia’s top fashion photographer Keiichi Nitta Keiichi Nitta, 1997 America, 2000 began to follow the Terry Richardson learning disciple, was born in Japan in 2006 to become an independent school quickly with its style of photography in the trend of fashion success. Today, he almost all Japanese fashion magazines have cooperation, film star performers and brand advertising is beyond count. It includes a number of personal exhibitions, including 100K, but also laid its position in the field of photography. His works, both inherited from Terry Richardson into the wild, delicate and elegant asian. This time the 25 anniversary of the EVISU brand creative shooting, the brand is also the value of its unique perspective and aesthetic style, while giving him a great degree of freedom of creation. The works collection version of the product around the 25 anniversary of the EVISU brand, the brand is young, lively, sexy, warm words as the center, to brand the most representative products for the jeans show media, and integration of the 25 anniversary of qualified products through silver balloons for the props, not only will.相关的主题文章: