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Exclusive, bell scholars: " political elite " and not for Chinese defense " " Sohu culture channel lead: Canadian scholar bell recently published "political elite" (CITIC Publishing House) a book, the book let the bell in the in the teeth of the storm. Many people think that this book bell abandoned the equality, freedom and democratic values, suggestions Chinese go special road leading public elite, some people even think that he is to defend the negative problem of current China. In fact, people who hold this view, not the book reading bell carefully. As the bell responded in the interview, his defense is ideal but not in reality. Bell does not deny the merits of the western one vote system, also did not deny the benefits of democracy, but one vote system may not be entirely applicable to Chinese. Therefore, bell should consider how to combine democracy and Shang Xian system, create a more suitable for Chinese road. Therefore, according to the characteristics of China’s large population and wide territory, he developed a way of "the lower level democracy, the middle level experiment, the high level and the higher level". Betenin in the interview, he has repeatedly stated that the recommendations, such as officials should raise wages to eliminate corruption, is not the only way, must take all the advice together but also thinking, such as legal system, education officials to limit and guide, only in this way, people not only have a misunderstanding of his ideas. These theories no matter to agree or disagree with the bell, but at least he thought China problem for us to open a different door. Guest: Bell (Daniel A. Bell), was born in Canada, is a professor of Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University. In 1991, he graduated from University of Oxford with a PhD in philosophy. In Singapore, the United States, Hongkong and other countries and regions engaged in teaching and research work. Since 2006, Professor of Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University, ph.d.. The works include "city spirit" "New Confucianism" China "beyond liberal democracy" "East meets West" and "other" communitarian critics. Written: Song Chenxi one vote system after World War II has now appeared in frequency Sohu culture: Recently, we are concerned about the U.S. presidential debates. You this book "political elite: why is Xian system than electoral democracy is more suitable for China" which mentioned a lot of drawbacks of Western democracy. In the U.S. presidential election as an example, do you think that the western democracy is the problem? Bell: the American political system and political system Chinese foundation is not the same. In my opinion, for a country’s political system, we should consider a standard to observe whether it is progressive or regressive. The American Standard, of course, is democracy. We can use this criticism of the United States system: Elite does not consider the interests of ordinary people, although people have freedom of speech, but people will not affect the implementation of the policy. But China is totally different from the United states. I have lived in Beijing for 13 years, plus my friends.相关的主题文章: