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Marketing Facebook Marketing Strategies: How to Attract Targeted Leads on Facebook By Jason-Dennis Stewart Everyone knows that Facebook is perhaps the most popular social networking site in the world today. With over 500 million active users worldwide, it is obvious that being able to get a voice to your target audience within this community will boost your visibility, drive traffic to your websites, and ultimately increase the success of your online marketing efforts. However, there is a definite wrong way to go about connecting to potential business partners and customers on Facebook. If you have ever been active on Facebook, Im sure that you have experienced opening your message inbox and seeing blasts of unsolicited spam emails that are promoting all types of products, services, and business opportunities. Aside from being annoying to most people, it is easy to see how a marketers message can get completely lost in endless sea of messages, spam, and unsolicited marketing pitches. The first thing to understand about Facebook is that even though there over 500 million people are active on the site, the mass majority of them do not have any interest at all in what you have to offer. They may be totally content with just posting pictures to their friends, having random discussions about celebrity gossip, or winning at Mafia Wars. You do not want to spend any of your valuable time trying to convince these people that they should become a customer or a business partner of yours. Instead, focus on ways to send your message to niches within the Facebook community that will be much more interested in taking advantage of your opportunity. One strategy that works well to accomplish this is by taking advantage of the group pages within the Facebook community. The group pages are niche pages within Facebook that people can join to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss all sorts of different topics. For the home-based business entrepreneur, there are group pages discussing network marketing, various business opportunities, and personal growth. Do several searches on Facebook and input any topic in which you may be interested. Chances are you will find a few groups that you think are relevant to your target market, and if you do not find one, you can start your own group page! Once you have found a group page, be careful about the image that you portray to the group. Do not just send out posts and messages that are strictly promoting your opportunity or product. That is a common mistake that internet marketers make and it will get you nowhere. Furthermore, it can easily destroy your perceived credibility and value within the community. As the saying goes, you must give before you get. You should focus on giving valuable content in your posts and messages to the members of the groups that you are a part of. I stress that the content should be valuable. Allow others in the group to comment on your content and establish relationships with them. Once you have spent time building these relationships, then you will have ample opportunities to share information about your business opportunities and products. The key is staying patient and taking time to build fruitful relationships. As a network marketer, you should be committed to build your business for the long haul. Trust that your efforts will be rewarded! Good luck and I wish you great success in your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: