Fang Yuan ink oil asphalt night why skyrocketing, empty single quilt you worried

Fang Yuan: ink oil asphalt night why skyrocketing, empty single quilt you worried? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the evening, some people are happy to worry about, there is always a sigh of such a good market why you did not earn, and you have to make money, is bad luck, or the teacher shouted single technology can not do? You guys have to think for yourself! Of course, this week, investors pay close attention to the larger events, the United States general election today (September 26) candidates for the first debate has kicked off. U.S. presidential candidates are taking life in the fight, the recent rise in the rate of support for Trump, the market risk aversion has heated up, which provides some support for oil prices. The International Energy Forum will also begin talks tomorrow, Fed officials on Wednesday, Thursday also unwilling to remain out of the limelight this week is a series of speeches, a scuffle, not something to. We’re just going to play next to the theatre. Thephrase, take off. Look at the market today, crude oil today after the opening in the matching period in Europe fell to the lowest point of the day 44.43, finally began almost unilateral trend, the current wave of rise has risen to 46.20, missed the final test the 44.3 support, almost empty single The whole army was wiped out. Want to see my friends keep up with warehouse or see my circle of friends of friends should know my idea to do a single today! In general, the market is not optimistic about the premise of frozen production agreement, why can reverse the trend of crude oil, turn up? How could it be possible to save the empty bill? Here I focus under the night why inflation and market outlook of crude bitumen strategy and the empty single quilt why. WeChat: fmyuan888 crude oil prices plummeted and why personal summary of the first wave: OPEC oil OPEC oil summit summit held today formally convened, although it is not a formal freeze production meeting held on 28 May, without prejudice to the oil producing countries to discuss the current and frozen, frozen, expected is not ideal. The author summed up: for the OPEC summit freeze production agreement, market is not optimistic, but the main oil producing countries have yet to make a clear statement, fear of a black swan flew out, but whether or not a frozen property, or fluctuations in oil prices at $2, we recommend investors to be cautious. Second wave: the United States election debate on Monday (September 26th) after the U.S. presidential election debate, the overall market may be more responsive, and with the election approaching, the market volatility will become increasingly large. The author summarizes: now Hilary and Trump are both great well-matched in strength, the problem need to prove that voters, but opinion polls more optimistic about Hilary, investors should be cautious. Spot oil asphalt technology analysis of crude oil at present from the four hour chart, Bollinger Bands run down and continue to expand the overall opening, on track to go slow, rail and rail line running down, prices since the rail at the downward pressure, touch the lower rail and to run along the side, and the previous low down, at present, the price of 45.9 on相关的主题文章: