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Some Shirt Tips For Shorter Men Posted By: Mark Well

fashion tips for short men Male Baldness Posted By: garyhill Baldness and male-pattern balding is an affliction suffered by thousands of men, and could be a real source of insecurity and embarrassment for those not prepared to lose their hair or shave their head. Normally, baldness takes place on the top of the men’s head. It is medically known as Male Pattern hair-loss. On the other hand, Androgenetic Alopecia runs in some families and it troubles roughly 95% of hair loss cases. DHT is actually formed in two places: the prostate gland and second in the skin underlying the scalp. As these are the places where this hormone is produced, it is just inevitable. Over saturation of this hormone is a clear threat to the hair follicles, the very reason why our hair strands are growing. Such is attributed mainly to the fact that DHT tends to choke hair follicles. In all cases, a typical pattern for such thinning first occurs as a receding hairline and eventually followed by the thinning of the hair on top of the head. Eventually the two thin regions meet and form a U-shape.

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