FBI says Apple has been cooperating with unlocking iPhone recently to change its stance-chompoo araya

FBI said that Apple has recently changed its position with the unlock iPhone source: AFP source:   interface; Lin Teng   apple and FBI debate continues. The US Department of justice has come up with new evidence to criticize apple. In a recent court document, the Justice Department believes that Apple has been able to maintain cooperation until recently, when it suddenly changed its stance. The document mentioned that in the storm before, since 2008, apple received a total of 70 times to court, asked apple to provide mobile phone data similar to assist, but Apple has been providing assistance. However, in the past, the Ministry of justice asked apple to help mobile phones, using the old version of the operating system, security is also low. Until December of last year, there was a major shootings in the United States San Bernardino, a total of 14 people were killed, the suspect Saeed Ritz Farooq million and his wife was killed in a police shootout. After getting Farooq’s iPhone 5C, the police wanted to get personal information about Farooq in the mobile phone, and Apple Corp began to reject FBI’s request. FBI actually has the ability to independently break, but after the upgrade iOS protection mechanism, FBI is worried that if repeated password brute force, will lead to automatically delete data. So FBI also wants Apple Corp to write a piece of code for this cell phone to unlock the criminals’ iphone. But Cook was released at this time continuously rejected FBI’s statement, the name to protect the privacy of Cook believes that once you have this code, it will be repeated use. It took a decade to strengthen the security system’s efforts will be cast to waste. Cook’s statement has also been supported by executives from many technology companies. Apple has to change the direction of the wind claim cause. Apple said that in the past few months, the U.S. police forced apple to crack 15 mobile phones involved, and apple refused 12 requests. The government asked Apple will return the data protection level to the iOS level of 7, but from the iOS 8, apple improves the data encryption level, if not the user’s password, no one can read the information on the iPhone. It’s absolutely a bad idea to reverse the security level to the previous level. But then a large number of dissenting voices, the pressure of public opinion faced by apple is also growing. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to accept the "Financial Times" interview: "this is a government request access to specific information in the case, they are not open to the public, but there are special circumstances, and whether anyone should tell the phone company to acquire information and transfer of bank records without distinction." Gates also wants to discuss the need to build such safeguards, which is better than the government cannot access any information. A survey conducted by the Pugh Research Center, the American Research Institute, showed that more than half of the respondents supported FBI. Pugh Research Center said, in all age groups involved in the survey, whether the respondents from the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, respondents are more supportive of FB. FBI称苹果一直配合解锁iPhone 最近才改变立场 图片来源:AFP   来源:界面 林腾    苹果与FBI的论战持续发酵。   美国司法部又拿出新的证据批判苹果。在最近的一份法庭文件中,美国司法部认为苹果在此之前一直都能够保持合作,是在最近才突然改变了立场。   文件提到,在此次风波之前,从2008年以来,苹果一共收到了70次法庭令,要求苹果提供类似的手机数据协助,而苹果一直都提供了协助。不过,过去司法部要求苹果协助的手机,采用的是旧版本的操作系统,安全保护程度也较低。   直到去年12月,在美国圣伯纳迪诺发生了一场重大的枪击案,一共造成了14人死亡,嫌疑犯赛义德・里兹万・法鲁克以及其妻子也在枪战中被警方击毙。警方在获得法鲁克的iPhone 5c后,希望获得手机中关于法鲁克的个人信息,苹果公司才开始拒绝FBI的要求。   FBI实际上有能力进行独立破解,但在iOS升级了保护机制之后,FBI担心如果多次进行密码暴力破解,将导致数据自动删除。所以FBI也希望苹果公司专门为这部手机写一段代码,解锁犯罪分子的苹果手机。   但库克却在这个时候连续对外发布以保护隐私为名拒绝FBI的声明,库克认为,一旦有了这种代码,它就会被不断重复利用。苹果花了数十年时间来强化旗下安全系统的努力就会付诸东流。库克的声明也得到了众多科技公司高管的支持。   苹果也对改变风向的说法进行伸冤。苹果称,过去几个月美国警方逼迫苹果破解15部涉案手机,苹果拒绝了12次要求。政府要求苹果将数据保护的级别退回到iOS 7的水平,但从iOS 8起,苹果提高了数据加密级别,如果没有用户的密码,任何人都无法阅读iPhone上的信息。安全级别倒退到以前的水平绝对是一个糟糕的主意。   但随后也出现了大量的反对声音,苹果面临的舆论压力也越来越大。   微软联合创始人比尔・盖茨接受《金融时报》采访时表示:“这是一个政府要求访问特定信息的案例,他们并非向大众开口,而是有特殊情况,它与任何人是否应该告诉电话公司去获得信息和调取银行记录没有区别。”盖茨同时希望讨论下是否需要建立这样的保障措施,这比政府不能访问任何信息要来得好。   美国调查机构皮尤研究中心也进行了一次调查,结果显示超半数受访者支持FBI。皮尤研究中心表示,在参与调查的所有年龄段中,无论受访者来自民主党还是共和党,受访者都更加支持FBI。相关的主题文章: