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Feng guide open tear really for gambling agreement? Recently, the famous director Feng Xiaogang due to the film, I am not Pan Jinlian and Wanda Group Director of the "tear open" by the attention of the people of the people of the world by the people of the world, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of china. In November 18th, because in a row of film Wanda cinema is lower than the national average, so Feng Xiaogang dissatisfaction and open to Wang Jianlin "propaganda" by micro-blog, the tone of Pan Jinlian to play against the monopoly pattern of small, Wanda cinema. Wanda Wang Jianlin, director of the son of Wang Sicong also to fight back, saying it is not optimistic about the film to reduce emissions. For Feng Xiaogang himself "tear" and "spirit", there is a consensus that is under the agreement on gambling. U.S. media name Zhejiang Dongyang Meila Media Co. Ltd., founded in September 2, 2015, shareholders Feng Xiaogang and Lu Guoqiang together hold 70% equity. In November 2015, Huayi Brothers and Feng Xiaogang’s U.S. media signed an agreement on gambling, Feng Xiaogang and other two shareholders promised in 2016 net profit of not less than 1 hundred million. In the first half of this year, U.S. media net profit of only 35 million 350 thousand yuan, and nearly 65 million yuan on profit margins, "I am not Pan Jinlian" created, if not finish the performance, Feng Xiaogang himself will pay up to. But I think, Feng guide open tear is hard to say for the gambling agreement. Since the signing of the Huayi Brothers and other media of the agreement on gambling, substantially closer to the Huayi Brothers to keep Feng Xiaogang to him for the risk investment, only earn not to compensate for Feng Xiaogang. From agreement on gambling, although the U.S. media has a net profit of not less than 100 million yuan and 4 years after the performance promises, annual growth of not less than 15%, but the reality is that even Feng Xiaogang this 5 years all draw, Feng Xiaogang and the other two shareholders still can 578 million yuan. Because the acquisition in November last year when U.S. media Huayi Brothers, the purchase price of up to 1 billion 50 million yuan, net assets of U.S. media was -0.55 million, and the acquisition of 70% stake in U.S. media only. According to the agreement on gambling, U.S. media 5 years to create the profit of 674 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the shares of Huayi Brothers, the profit is 472 million yuan. That is to say, Huayi Brothers to lower than the acquisition of nearly 600 million of the profit target to develop a gambling agreement, the gap between the big puzzling. However, the merchant is not do Kuibenmaimai, Huayi as a listed company and why is much less than the amount of returns to the acquisition agreement on gambling? Venture capital may be a reason. The Latin American media the original actual control of Feng Xiaogang as a well-known director, contacts behind the clustered and rare resources industry. In the current era of commercial film trend, by virtue of Feng’s celebrity effect, in the next day to achieve the expected return of the movie box office is not impossible. In this regard, Huayi nearly 600 million yuan of investment risk as the Latin American media in the future but also make sense. In terms of Latin American media, although said that if the target is not completed, Feng Dao will make up for themselves, but Huayi Brothers have invested 1 billion 50 million in the acquisition, strictly speaking, there is not much economic loss in the economic guidance. But there are other losses, such as face. Even if the Huayi value is Pingdao excess returns, but if any.相关的主题文章: