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First isolation property marriage notary for the rich poor financial trust – Sohu set file in December this year released "havoc in Tianzhu" is Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut, the estimated 1 billion box office. It is reported that Ma Rong served as producer of the film and investors, and the profit of this film is likely to be shared as a property of the husband and wife were divided between the. One is the "baby we owe a movie ticket, the other side is" each buy a ticket Ma Rong half ", the root crowd gets a headache, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong divorce events involved in the division of property. Pull out the rich property divorce marriage according to the present law, in the absence of legal arrangements in advance under the condition of marital generated income is usually regarded as the common property of the couple, the average distribution. This means that if Baoqiang Wang’s more than 100 million of the property is created after marriage, divorce, I am afraid to give to the tens of millions of Ma Rongshu. China’s rich are more and more, there are data show that China’s more than 1 billion of the number of billionaires after the United States, ranking the world’s top second. Whether it is worth 1 billion or $100 million, compared with the same as the small sum of the general population of, they are the wealth of people on the cusp of Pyramid. How do the rich manage their wealth? In fact, demanded from Baoqiang Wang split the property we can see one or two. It is reported that Baoqiang Wang asked the property division include a property in Losangeles, 9 houses, a number of companies and equity investment, a BMW X5 car, a Bentley sedan, Hermes brand jewelry, clothing and so on, in addition to deposits, stocks, financial products, insurance etc.. Outside according to melt 360 Xiaobian know, Baoqiang Wang, Zhang Ziyi, Wang Feng, Ni Ping, Shawn Yue also bought a house in Losangeles, visible regardless of gender culture, real estate is a major focus of the asset allocation. In addition, many stars do not own stocks, but to sell their companies to listed companies, the risk transferred to the stock market. The rich generally do not stare at their own funds and stocks, regardless of the interest rate of a few percentage points, but directly to the large idle funds to take care of professionals. For example, at the threshold of a level of trust, is the rich standard. The rich are most worried about the assets shrink, because marriage is divided away half of the property is not just "shrink", but "flood". So rich in marriage and divorce, separation, often on the disposal of property transactions. In the inheritance of family wealth, management and protection of interests, to ensure that wealth can be allocated in accordance with the will of the owner of this matter, the family is recognized as a magic weapon. Rich: family trust can "isolation" marriage risk? Baoqiang Wang’s marriage after the incident broke, many people will be compared with Murdoch. Murdoch has gone through four marriages, family wealth has not shrunk, he is still sitting on $more than 13 billion 900 million in assets, is due to give family trust. Murdoch will be the center of gravity of the assets of the family trust isolated layer, so that marriage will not affect his power to distribute wealth according to their own will. Once the family trust is established, the beneficiary will be the legal owner of the entrusted assets, and the trustee may specify the conditions for the beneficiary to obtain the income in the terms of the trust"相关的主题文章: