Five Tips For Changing Your Mobile

Computers-and-Technology On average, we change our mobile phones every 18 months. Lured by better deals, funkier phones and changes in fashion, were ready to discard our new model almost as soon as weve read the manual. If youre thinking about changing your phone or your provider, consider our top tips: 1. Decide what you want Its always best to do a bit of research before you walk into the phone shop. Once youre in there, at the mercy of a sales assistant, you could buy anything. Instead, talk to friends, read magazines and online reviews and decide what sort of phone you want. That way, youll be much better prepared when you walk into the store. 2. Contract, PrePay or Pay up Front? Whether you choose to be on a contract or opt for a more flexible payment option depends on several things: how much money you have, how often you are going to use the phone, how many text (SMS) messages you send, and when you are most likely to use the phone. Contracts come with useful packages that can keep your call costs down, but you sign up for a fixed period. Flexible packages allow you to stock your phone with credit when you have the money available. Again, work out which is best for you before you go shopping. 3. Which Provider? Do you want to use your phone abroad? Are all your friends on the same network? Are you in an area where one providers coverage is better than another? These are all things that you need to take into account when you choose your provider. In addition, your previous experiences with the company, recommendations from friends and the types of packages they have available may also be factors in your choice. 4. Whats included? Make sure that you know exactly what youre getting from your phone provider. Packages differ widely across the market and you should make sure you know what your provider should be doing for you, and what you will be obliged to do for them before you sign anything. 5. What about my phone number? If you can, keep your current number. If this isnt possible, then try to inform everyone of your new number once you have it. There are services available on the internet that allow you to register your old number so that people who dont have your new one can find you, which may be the best way of getting back in touch with the people you missed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: