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Finance If you want your money to work for you in the present and the future, you need to start investing in financial planning. But you wont be able to do it on your own. Its up to you to bring in the income, but you need the assistance from an Atlanta certified financial adviser. But before you do that, you need to figure out what kind experience and abilities that your Atlanta financial advisor needs to have before you hire them. Here are some things you need to know: Checking Out Their Experience You dont want to invest your time and risk your money with an Atlanta financial planner who hasnt had training and isnt certified in giving you the help you need. The education and training they have gotten means they know how to deal with your questions, goals and experiences. Another solid reason to pick a particular Atlanta financial advisor is if they have been in business. They will be able to know how to avoid some particular problems and help you overcome certain others. Other Skills They Definitely Need There are a variety of ways your money needs to be managed by an Atlanta financial advisor. You need to make sure they can do all of the things below for you in order to earn the job as your Atlanta financial planner: Financial planning This is the baseline for the kind of help you can expect from your Atlanta financial planner. They should be assisting you in turning the savings and investments you already have into money that has a healthy growth. Business planning If you have a business and want to make sure it continues, you will need a business plan from an Atlanta advisor with a focus on who you will turn the business over to and how the business assets will be distributed later in your life. Insurance planning The insurance policies you choose now will make some impact on your families after you are gone, so these decisions have to be wise ones. Estate planning Another decision you will need to take care of before you are gone is to give a clear and specific plan for where your money goes. Ask your Atlanta advisor about this. Retirement planning Your work life will come to an end at some point. You need to make sure you have the money there to make it work. A Fee Schedule That Works When you look for an Atlanta financial advisor, be sure to check and see how much they charge. You want to find a fee only financial advisor. This ensures they will be paid a flat amount based on your assets, rather than on the money they make for you. You need to get some assurance that you can trust the advice you are getting. You dont want an advisor who is motivated by greed, but your best interest. You will find a great investment advisor in Patrick Johnson who will help you reach the financial goals that you have. His fee only system is reasonable and he has the experience you are looking for in an Atlanta financial planner. About the Author: This article is provided by Patrick Johnson of SimonDavis Asset Management, based in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Patrick D. Johnson, a certified financial planner. He offers asset management, estate planning services, financial services and lots more. As a Registered Investment Advisor , Patrick serves his clients within a context that offers financial counseling too. Article Published On: – Finance 相关的主题文章: