Follow the foreign private enterprises to solve the Chinese fighter heart disease feasible webquest

Follow the foreign private enterprises to solve the Chinese fighter heart disease feasible? F -20 fighter is Chinese aviation industry proud, but is still using the Russian third generation engine as the power in the people’s general impression, Chinese military aviation engine is short board China aviation industry. The so-called engine drag dead model phenomenon in the early stages of the development of China’s fighters often. Even the epoch-making f -10 fighter was because a turbojet -15 progress drag and dismount, fortunately, AL-31 was able to successfully rescue the birth. The China self-developed -10 turbofan engine "Taihang" in early development is also problematic, when after years to batch column mounted in the f -11 fighter. Has yet to become a standard power f -10 fighter, even for AL-31 f -10 failure occurred two crash. As the representative of the highest achievements of Chinese aviation, f -20 fighter to date is still used as a power AL-31. The legend of the domestic four generation -15 has not been installed turbofan engine. There are many reasons for the engine to drag the hind legs, the most important thing is too difficult: China’s industrial base is weak, late start low investment, technology and experience accumulated in Europe and America have a great gap. The second point is the lack of estimates of the difficulties: the engine and other subsystems of the aircraft is equivalent to the status of the aircraft model to drive the engine development. The position of the engine is only the matching of the airplane model, but not the independent research and development. To solve the first point without any one way to go, must adhere to the large-scale investment to a long period of time a little bit closer to the gap with the world advanced level. The second point is to solve the problem from the institutional aspects. China Hangfa established this year can be seen as both the beginning of a cognitive change, significantly increased the engine position, at least from the level of design and production of aircraft have been flush. This is a good start. The engine turbofan -10 recently there are people think that we should learn from the advanced experience of international market and use the power of the private enterprise to develop the aviation engine industry Chinese. To fully mobilize the power of the market and social resources for the survival of the fittest, form benign competition, flexible and efficient use of private enterprises to promote the development of the unique China hangfa. So, let’s take a look at the foreign advanced experience in the end is how? In the field of military aircraft, is undoubtedly the master of the fourth generation of advanced high thrust turbofan engine of the United States Platt Whitney Company (PH) and General Electric (GE) company is the first. In the civil field, it will be coupled with the British Rawls • (RR) company. The three companies are the ancestor of the aviation industry enterprise, while GE is the old industrial giants began from the Edison and Houston electric, the business scope covers the fields of aviation, aerospace, medical, energy, transportation, electrical, financial etc.. Look at Rolls Royce, 1971 Rolls Royce three rotor engine project debt can afford to support the British government to be nationalized to continue. Until the successful development and achieved good market performance, the British government in 1987 the state-owned capital exit from rolls royce. It can be seen that even a moment?相关的主题文章: