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Internet-Marketing Starting out with your small business in the internet can be tricky. Trying to increase your revenue for your business website is just as hard as having a business on the real world. The internet is the newest medium in spreading business, products and services and the competition on the World Wide Web is very step. With your small business, you have to take advantage of every opportunity and try to take whatever edge you can to get ahead of the game. These are an example of some small business internet marketing tips 1) Find the purpose of your business. Find out what your website is about and what you’re business is trying to accomplish. Know what you’re strong points are and what your goals are for your company. Having these goals is a great way of staying focused and being on the right track. 2. Content is King. Evaluate your website’s content. What is your website trying to say? Does the content reflect what you’re trying to do and if so, does it tell you show all the details and specifics you want to be known out there? 3. Analytics and tracking. Studying your business and how it works is business 101. With analytics you can examine the number of visitor and how your site operates online. There are websites that offer free analytics for your websites as well as tracker that record all visitors and clicks as well as all pertinent information. 4) Take advantage of free local business directories on the internet. There is a lot of local business directories found online and most of these directories offer to list your business for free. It is important to list your business to be able to increase your base customers and boost the revenue for your business. 5) SEO writing and website search optimization is a great way of improving your business websites’ statistics. SEO writers improve the traffic to your website receives and increases the amount of business you receive. SEO writers are commonly found online and they can offer great deals in improving your copy and your website content. 6) Checking out the competition is common business sense. Search keywords of your business and other topics related to your business. Also visit websites of your competitors. This is a great way of getting ideas and looking for new things to add to your own business. You can also evaluate your own website and see where you stand in comparison to your competitors. 7) Blogging allows you to engage with your base customers and connect to them in a human way. This also shows your website visitors that you are real and approachable in a business stand point. Blogging is also a great SEO opportunity and it exposes your business website to a wider array of customers. 8) Place a link in your websites that allow your visitors to contact you and give them a chance to provide feedback. Feedback is important in that, it allows you to find out what your customers think of your website and your business. Try Pay Per Click advertising PPC and you will never regret the income that will flow into you. 9. Join social networks. Joining social networks is a great way of exposing your product and service. With social networking websites, you can add your usual customers and local friends who support your business. You can also pursue other customers who may be interested in your business. These small business internet marketing tips would really mean a lot to your enterprise. The way to go is through Search Engine Optimization and good content and you will be able to establish your niche in cyberspace. 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