Forecast Shuangseqiu 16131st period Defense even leading Sohu-x3210

Forecast Shuangseqiu 16131st period: even the leading defense – Sohu Shuangseqiu 2016 130th lottery results 031721232728 + 01, the company opened a group in the 2 prefix interval (2728), the odd number of continuous out of a group (2123), covering a weight code. Analysis of the double chromosphere 2016131 forecast: leading number fell to 03, and the difference was only 2 points, leading to more recent numbers, odd ball numerical majority, the next should start covering even leading defense. Recently five yards Pteris swings, the specific value of the open 19-31-27-33-28, behind the three number of Pteris actively covering, the next 131 numbers continued down the high possibility of Pteris Danma, recommend 3032. 130 red three partition ratio out of 1:2:3, the most cold for a number of areas. The analysis of 2016131 red three partitions: a 130 partition number out of 03, small matter leading actively covering, the number of missing data from the current area of the observation, the next 131 period award number is expected to partition to open a numerical matter; red two partition number out of 1721, the most recent period of odd numerical relatively strong, the whole odd form possibility is not high, should pay attention to 1 prefix interval even rebound; 130 three division award number out of 232728, 2 prefix interval numbers across the period to fall, the possibility of the latest 16131 numbers and then drop a little, should be appropriate to prevent the 3 prefix numbers rebound. The basketball out of the minimum value of 01, amplitude points up to 13 points, the combination of basketball rules in weak signal amplitude, phase 2016131 of large amplitude, optimistic about the performance of small amplitude. Red blue double 8+2:02,07,12,19,22,24,29,32 + 02,06 6+1:02,07,12,19,29,32 + 06相关的主题文章: