Foreign media exposure rocket refused to Zhou Qi buyout body + power too far away from NBA-tda7294

Foreign media exposure rocket refused to Zhou Qi buyout body + power from NBA too far from the foreign media. Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 7th, according to the "thescore" website, the new season Zhou Qi pretty close to stay in Xinjiang for. The Rockets are not like for him to buy their contract with Xinjiang. No wonder, Xinjiang will say that the Rockets have not been associated with them. At present, Zhou Qi is Houston following the rocket training today, he, a 15 second video exposure training. It is worth mentioning that the upload video is the Rockets general manager Daryl morey. The 15 second video, Zhou Qi is hard three. However, the training mode is quite special, Zhou Qi legs holding a basketball, then catch and shoot three points in time to ensure the jumper legs clip the ball can not fall down. In training, Zhou Qi feel good. Under no defense, just 15 seconds, he scored a total of three points in the 4 vote in the 4. It is reported that this training is Zhou Qi brokerage team after communication with the Rockets, rockets for Zhou Qi arrangements. It can be seen that the Rockets still attach great importance to Zhou Qi, but now only his potential value. Yes, the Rockets selected Zhou Qi took a fancy to his potential and talent, rather than as a combat capability. Zhou Qi does not have enough strength in the rocket can have a seat. This summer, the rockets used their forty-third pick Zhou Qi. However, Zhou Qi did not jump out of contract terms, if the Rockets want to bring him to the NBA, you need to buy Zhou Qi’s contract, but the premise is to buy Xinjiang rockets. However, it is whether Xinjiang, do not want to own rockets for the week Qi a buyout fee. According to previous reports, Zhou Qi’s buyout fee is $650 thousand. Last week, Xinjiang for the effectiveness of the game, the game can get 15.1 points and 8.6 rebounds, for the second time in a row to become CBA’s block king. Zhou Qi height of 7 feet, 1 inches, weighing only 209 pounds, this summer on behalf of the Chinese men’s basketball team to participate in the Rio Olympics, averaging a total of 5.6 points, but the shooting rate of up to 56.2%. The Rockets did not expect Zhou Qi next season to play for them, because he had no contract with Xinjiang expired. Zhou Qi in the future NBA should be a space inside, he has speed, and can cover. But now, Zhou Qi is too thin, lack of power, he has not yet reached the level of NBA. Zhou Qi still needs to be patient and hone himself in CBA. (ACE)相关的主题文章: