Fu Bo went to the football association to bid farewell to the national bid farewell to the era of Ga havd707

Fu Bo Qu Chuliang went to the Football Association’s bid farewell to the era of Gao Hongbo foot goodbye – Sohu responsible for this direction in sports coach, coach of the Italian national soccer team took over the right to the formation of independent national football team coach. It is understood that the coach had been coached during the foreign coach members, the future of the national team of foreign coach team members will reach more than 15 people. Li Tie is determined to become the only one to enter the football coaching coach of China, the other two assistant coach Fu Bo Qu Chuliang, during the national football coach Gao Hongbo also received notice, 25 PM, two coaches to China Football Association official "say goodbye to". Lippi took over the Chinese team is an important prerequisite is that the Chinese Football Association must allow him to set up his own national coach team, and it turns out that, in the end, Lippi fully grasp the relevant powers. Chinese football insiders, the future Lippi led to the national football team coach, only foreign team members will reach more than 15 people, and in addition it will play a role of vice general manager Kang original Hengda ice, Li Tie is the only coach a Chinese coach. So Fu Bo, two former coach of the country where the coach to go where the? There is no confirmation of the news, only two people have received the notice. There are insiders, two Chinese coach 25 appeared in the China FA level 7 "president office area", they responsible to in charge of the Football Association as the national football Chinese Yu Hongchen do related work full-time job report, the official end of the national football team work cycle. According to the plan, the new old League A will be held in Shanghai in early November, Qu Chuliang as the physical condition of football people of his age to maintain a good, and rarely can spare time, and the former occupation League old partners together. Of course, with their ability and conduct, in the domestic football circle to find a new job is not a difficult thing, and the country should not be a lack of rank at all levels for their jobs. Want to know the latest sports information, please close the official WeChat sports online public number, please scan the QR code to add on the bottom of the screen, or search public number ” Sports Online ‘attention to mother, I no longer have to worry about missing a wonderful basketball. Currently 100000+ people have been concerned about joining us相关的主题文章: