Fu Yuanhui refused to respond to tens of millions of commercial endorsements calm no lack of money – 法拉利599gto

Fu Yuanhui refused to tens of millions of commercial endorsements calm response: no money – the girl Fu Yuanhui   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment news although not the Olympic champion, but Fu Yuanhui was on fire, the girl has become one of the Rio Olympic Games Chinese Teams points. After the Olympic Games, the red Fu face to all kinds of temptations also have their own troubles, the most important thing for her is the game. After the end of the Olympic Games, a number of businesses to find Fu Yuanhui, or endorsement of or to attend the activities, the reality show is too busy to attend to all. Some businesses even out of ten million endorsement fee, in the face of all kinds of temptations, Fu Yuanhui calm and said, I do not lack money". Fu Yuanhui said: "to participate in activities or commercial endorsements must not affect my training, and let me choose, I must be like, and must let the team know and approve." Fu Yuanhui also uses the world cup, then put into the system in winter to the end of the Olympic Games in Rio also means that Tokyo Olympic cycle comes, Fu Yuanhui is still very young, she knows to red down performance is king.   相关的主题文章: