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Geely imperial GL, for "winner" to become "winners" – car Sohu recently, whether Geely dazzle you fancy marketing it? Live with a high quality car joint venture, known as the world’s first public vertical collision test, strength camp break open up a fresh outlook blind test…… We can say how how to suction eye, but the pieces are fairly elaborate up there are. If you are not careful to miss these auspicious events, this time, China made with China proud of dating is not to be missed. In September 20th, held the imperial GL conference in Hangzhou G20 the main venue of the summit — Hangzhou International Expo center. Here, and G20, the same paragraph, the conference on the high-end atmosphere grade, it is exciting. Wang Han presided over, peace help sing, as well as the symphony orchestra…… The "configuration" to let the scene more than 1000 viewers up hi, hi is a moment more published price, from the cheers of the audience. Among them, 1.8L models will enjoy subsidies, subsidies will be the same period with the national purchase tax halved. This move not only brings benefits to consumers, but also to further reduce the price, so that Geely cost-effective image of the people. At the 2016 Beijing auto show, Geely Automobile CEO An Conghui announced that Geely entered the era of boutique 3". After the brilliant, bullyear, imperial GS, the imperial GL as a strategic model and a fine car 3 times, will enter the high-end A-class car market with the strength of shoulder joint venture model. Appearance, the design concept of "pseudo elegant aesthetics", the international fashion trend and strong wind Chinese coexist. Suspension type front grille was familiar with the FRET ripples auspicious taste, with Hawkeye design, bright. Coupled with fast back lines and short tail styling, overall quite stylish breath. 2700mm wheelbase and 4725mm commander, led by a car at the same time, bring a spacious interior space, for the pursuit of decent Chinese user right. Not only the appearance of superior value, in the interior, but also pay attention to the Chinese wind and the quality of the interior design is also a bright spot. The overall use of air around the cockpit design integrated console, arc fully drawn Chinese arch bridge inspired with brushed metal panel, to create a light luxury, exquisite feeling, do not live up to the "high quality intermediate car". Power, imperial GL with 1.3T and 1.8L engine. Among them, "China heart ten 1.3T turbo engine with Getrag composed of 6DCT gold combination of power, will also bring good driving experience for users. In addition, we also introduced an intelligent highlights of the two imperial GL: safety and health. "Safety is the first imperial power" GL, which is from a series of security configuration can be confirmed. According to different models, imperial GL equipped with ABS+EBD, airbags, reversing radar, ESP, electronic parking, tire pressure monitoring, ACC adaptive cruise system, pre crash safety system..相关的主题文章: