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Finance If your goal is to visit Colombia soon, you have lots of planning to do before you arrive. One of the most pressing matters on most people’s minds is how to pay for items in this country. You will find that it is generally cheaper to live and travel in Colombia than most countries, so being able to afford items in this country should not be a problem. However, the best method of payment to use could be confusing, so you should find out more about how to send money to Colombia before you even arrive, as well as other payment methods. The currency in this country is the Colombian peso, but you should not necessarily come here expecting to exchange all your U.S. dollars for pesos due to a large counterfeiting problem in this nation. You can exchange some cash at banks just so that you always have some on hand, but never exchange it in the streets. It is quite easy to be fooled by money changers, especially if you do not know what a real Colombian peso looks like, or the exchange rate at the time. Another option that will get you cash safely is to send money to Colombia on a prepaid debit card before you arrive. You can add funds from your bank account for $5 USD, and then withdraw the money when you get to Colombia. Just look for one of the many ATMs here, and you can remove cash in the form of Colombian pesos without having to bother with money changers. You can also take traveler’s checks, but not every business takes them, so do not rely completely on this form of money. One of the most popular destinations in this country is also free: Caribbean beaches, which can be found in Cartagena. You should also check out parts of the rainforest, eat the tasty food this country is known for, and of course drink the Colombian coffee. If you want to scuba dive or snorkel, San Andres is an island that is great for such a hobby, while Leticia looks great from a boat. The main city that most people strive to visit is Bogota, which is full of chic restaurants, fun bars, and lots of shopping. Of course, to enjoy all this fun, you should ensure that you first know how to either send money to Colombia on a card before you arrive, or acquire cash safely in the form of the peso. Knowing the best form of money to take with you can be the first step to relaxing in this country when you arrive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: