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Internet-and-Business-Online Lots of networkers have a giant puzzle they can’t solve – and that is advertising their MLM business. The problem arises from two main factors. First, there is tough .petition nowadays in the network marketing arena. When you advertise in any of the industry magazines, or in one of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, you will notice that the market is already bombarded with similar marketing messages. How on earth can a network marketing professional get noticed in this sea of .petitive advertisers who also want to promote their respective business opportunities? The second conflict arises from the budget required for advertising your networking business. Because of the tough .petition mentioned above, there is a natural increase in ad rates. Full page ads in MLM magazines cost much higher. Moreover, Google PPC costs have dramatically increased and most average entrepreneurs cannot cope up with it like the seasoned Internet gurus. Unless you have a definite plan that works towards helping you get a decent return on your investment, you will lose big money. So how can an MLM winner and high flyer like you solve the problems we discussed above? I have developed a simple promotional system for myself, and I’ve used it to bring hundreds of people to my downline in the past two years. The key is to minimize (and even erase) your advertising costs by front-end selling. You do this by selling a cheap (almost free) information product to your target market first, without even mentioning your business opportunity. The cheap product must contain some information that is extremely useful to your target audience, must help their current needs, and make them want to .e back for more. The money you earn from product sales can then be used to invest back into more advertising. This will result in a snowball of activity and cashflow in your business. Plus, you’ll generate many business leads in the process so you can later show them your opportunity. I call this process the "backdoor cashflow mechanism" because it doesn’t pressure people to join a business opportunity. Instead, you win by genuinely helping prospects gain more information at such a cheap price. The moment they buy from you, rapport is built, and the likelihood of a long term business relationship goes up. For more details regarding this technique, go to my site and I’ll give you more tips and strategies that I’ve personally used with giant results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: