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Go to India! VC are used to buy a high premium on the future of the country – Sohu – the technology – – Luo Chenxi Li Li – editor’s note compared to Chinese entrepreneurial ecology, India venture company valuation is much higher than Chinese counterparts. Play this piece of land of VC, almost all of the next 3 years or so to overdraft valuation, high premium for the future of this country. Nishit Garg was wearing a neat blue shirt, dark grey trousers, shining shoes, hair strict in demands. Even on the streets of India often raise the dust, but his shoes are still bright people, which makes Garg and India ordinary white-collar workers are very different. When talking, he looked serious, it seems that every sentence is the result of deep thinking — like his fund investment style, for each project, the India tigers Venture Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to Tiger) the depth of thinking in its business logic on more than a lot of the same line. Garg is the name of a higher caste in India, excellent family environment that he had the opportunity to be the top local and overseas education, rich practical experience of investment enterprises also laid a solid foundation for him: over the past 6 years, he served as a consultant, India version of DDT Jingdong Flipkart senior business manager software, director, retail department director positions, in 2015, Garg joined Tiger, a senior investment manager. "Our preference is to be able to integrate in a sustainable and highly fragmented market." Garg tells us that this logic runs through the main theme of Tiger investment in the India market. He invested in Tiger Nestaway (India version of mushroom apartment), HelloEnglish and other companies. Since entering the India market in 2005, Tiger in 10 years to forge ahead, in India invested a total of 45 companies, a total of $2 billion 500 million, and the withdrawal of 13 companies. The top players almost every track on the TMT are Tiger bet, the unicorn, including Flipkart (India Jingdong), Ola (India taxi drops) and Quikr (India City 58), Hike (India WeChat), Shopclues (India business platform, partial low-end users). Tiger? In India investment statistics, 2015 is a very radical, shot quickly in our Tiger and Tiger fund interview at the same time, Jasinda company leads a collection of entrepreneurial workshops, nine rich, good credit network and other dozens of the founder of the delegation came to India to go forward with great strength and vigour in Bangalore and New Delhi. The 10 day visit to the Internet Co, the main purpose is to investigate the investment opportunities in India. Since last year, we have received a lot of domestic investors from the delegation, a lot of people come every month." Zhu Dao founder Li Jian said. Last year he created out from India HUAWEI Zhu Road, established an incubator in Delhi, the China model copied to India, looking for excellent India state相关的主题文章: