Gold to the text of the subsequent decline in crude oil prices continued to rise zhuxianduowan

Xiang Zhengwen: Gold weakness down inventory of crude oil prices continue to rise sharply the client disk Thursday to view the latest quotes and reversed the market, strong non US gold have turned sharply, and the dollar also staged a rapid rebound after the crash of the stock market, the rapid pace of change of short-term strength, also reflected current still has a wide range of tone, the market trend is not very strong. The overall situation is good after digest, subsequent lack of Dumbledore, non US gold showed a substantial pullback, can also be understood as long profits. Facing the news, the European Central Bank [micro-blog] overnight interest rate resolution as expected, but the increase this year, economy was expected to halt the troops and wait, and that, after two years of economic but also cut down, next year’s inflation, the euro back beat; then Delagi’s speech also did not bring too big accident,. The overall is still a dovish style, but not the sound of four pigeons, so the impact is not big, but not for the euro bullish euro europe afternoon up, should walk ahead of expectations, such as news is completed, there is no good or bad to do, then a bull appears to run away. The road taking days or. The dollar has dropped sharply in the euro, and the emergence of a strong rebound in the market, there are the trend of the dollar, hitting 94.46 lows after the fast counter to 95 above the line level fourth test trend line support, and no major bad hard to break down, a rebound in line, and thus suppress the non US currencies fell across the board previously, the strong performance of the commodity currencies also fell sharply, small top short-term, investors face the pressure to continue to fall. U.S. dollar against major currencies, after a continuous decline, there is a rapid rebound breakthrough resistance, there will continue to rebound in space. A strong rebound in gold on Tuesday hit a 1352 line, finishing slightly, failed to break up to play high, slow down finishing could not stand on the 1350 line, the dollar strong pumping market, rapid decline, fell below the 1340 line, hit 1335, facing pressure line 1375 to 1367, once again fall down empty. Intraday data of more light, gold Powei down after Fanchou continued bearish, below the 1330 support line will test. Crude oil, yesterday two inventory data unexpectedly greatly reduced, exceeded market expectations, API inventories fell 12 million 85 thousand barrels, the evening EIA is substantially reduced to 14 million 513 thousand barrels, or a handful of super million barrels, significantly reduced the inventory of crude oil prices become kinetic energy, crude oil rose nearly 4%, broke through the 46.50 resistance, the highest hit 47.70. At the end of August after dropping 43 crude oil rebounded all the way back down, resistance test 48, rose after will be adjusted, attention above the resistance test and breakthrough. The euro against the U.S. dollar: the euro bank resolution is described as a roller coaster, highlighting the disk is still shock, concern 1.1280-85 short, stop yesterday’s high point, the target look at 1.1230 support, further more than 1.1200. GBPUSD: by 1.3445 since the formation of shock fall, high.相关的主题文章: